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Golf Courses, Boat Launches, Marinas now non-essential(CLOSED!!) as of 4/9/20


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Went to Honeoye the other day and launched at the south east park.  Kind of thought there might be a few people there?  I arrived at 9:15 AM, the lower lot was already completely full.  I had to park the truck/trailer up in the overflow lot which already had probably half dozen trucks in it.  The south west corner across from the launch looked like a parking lot!  There must have been 15 or 20 boats all stacked up like cordwood out there.  Only reason I mention it is to point out that the interest is still there and guys were out.  I have to suspect this was true at almost any other popular fishing hole in the state. 

This is going to be tough.  My two vices, fishing and golf both got scrubbed on the same day.  My buddies and I are talking among ourselves, making sure we have bail money available if one of us winds up going cabin-crazy!!  Just kidding, but this is going to be tough, no work and no diversions.  Time to go out to the workshop and make a bunch of useless things out of wood.

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We have the edict from the governor or Thursday which states golf courses, marinas boat launches.  We have some in the state that have been barricaded closed, we have the mayor of my home community saying the city launch is closed but everything else has been hit or miss in terms of actions taken.  I think part of it was Good Friday and Easter weekend slowing the barricading process down.   On the other news front it appears that the overall virus situation is improving and maybe we get some roll backs soon on things like this which are not at the cusp of life or death in terms of gathering large crowds. 

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Well, that seems clear. Stupid and shortsighted, but clear. I've been doing my best to endorse the measures put in place to avoid spreading this virus, but I will be kayaking, if we ever get a nice day - launching from a private residence or random shoreline. If they want to give me a ticket, I will welcome it. We need to take every reasonable precaution to avoid spreading this virus. But in the same vein, I will argue against the insanity of meaningless overreaction that lacks any empirical evidence of efficacy, until the end of time. 


Simply limit one per boat and be done with it. That would do the trick, right? How can we countenance fishing from shore, but not from a boat? Consider my mind blown.

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On 4/9/2020 at 2:30 PM, RWR1775 said:

I would argue that this is targeting the business aspect of marinas and launches, not the use of launches.

I will bet this also means free golf at public courses, not that people can't golf.  But I guess we need clarification from law enforcement.  Let's keep fingers crossed.

Muni golf course in my town opens Saturday. Must make tee time and pay for round online only. Clubhouse closed, no carts and walking only. Social distancing must be observed. Will be a starter there with a list to check names for tee times and payment and make sure social distancing is observed while waiting to tee off. A few more staff on course in carts to make sure social distancing on course is observed.

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