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Sheldrake Kayak Launch

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Got on the water yesterday at 6 and off by noon. The chop on the water, the breeze, the temperature and the partial cloud cover were close to ideal.

Caught 4 fish all keepers: 3 Browns, 1 Laker. Also 2 misses. Although the bite wasn't super heavy it was spread out fairly evenly. All Browns were caught on #8 silver and black Rapala diving shad raps on spinning rods(no extra weight). The Laker on a Luhr-Jensen Coyote spoon using leadcore with 5 colors out (8' per color sink rate) This was my first time ever using leadcore - tried it for about 1/2 hour towards end of trip with the 1 Laker and 1 miss. Definitely very different than spinning reels.( If anyone knows of any how to videos /literature please let me know. Also recommendations for best/easiest knots for tying fluorocarbon leader to leadcore line would be greatly appreciated!)

Best Brown and Luhr-Jensen spoon in photos.



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3 hours ago, adesalvo said:


I used the Willis knot to attach fluorocarbon to leadcore. 



I second that knot. Won't slip and slides right through the eyes. A dab of super glue at the end of the leadcore sheath will keep it from fraying up.


Nice brown!

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Looks like you've got yourself dialed into fish pretty good.  :-) 


I used to use WIllis knots, but the past few years either the lead core sheathing has gotten smaller, or my eye sight is falling, and I've had a hard time getting the flouro into the sheathing.  


I've been stripping 3-4 inches of lead out, and using an albright knot recently.  

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