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First light, perfect lake . 


Started out west in 150 and worked to 220 . 


180 seemed the best 80 to 101 down 


Ran 4 rod set this morning , 2  flashers on 2 riggers and 1 flasher , 1 spoon on the dipsey . 


The Gary D rig was rocking this morning so I switched to all flashers pretty quick .

White 11" Hotspots and a 8" white pro troll were best .slowed down around 9 so I put a few spoons down and took 2 shots on a watermelon Mag . . 


Had 2 doubles and one quad which was interesting  . One at a time please . 


Had about 20 on and landed 12 . 

2 steelhead , one Laker , the rest Salmon 


Boated 5 matures and lost maybe 3 more . 


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Back at it first light to flat lake that didn't stay that way 


Slow start but wound up landing about 8 and dropping a few more . 


Got 3 nice kings  . 2 on dipsey and one rigger . A few steelhead and  small salmon 




Most bites on Flasher/ my rig . 

Biggest hit a black silver NK mag. 


160 to 220 ft down


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Last day of a beautiful 4 of July weekend 


First light west again . 


Set up in 120 and worked to 160. So 


Wire dipsey fires , screams , by the time I get to it , rod goes limp and I knew I lost my dipsey , new flasher that was working snubber etc . 


A little later braid dipsy goes , I'm fighting the fish  lose it and my mag glow NK that I love is cut off . 


100 rigger fires with 11" white Hot Spot/ Gary D rig  , Binwadin  color , 20# king . He didn't fight much till he got in the boat and went crazy and broke my pliers . 


Two more hits on flasher Gary D rig and got bit off on one , the other I tied a bad knot . Two bait heads gone . 


Since the beginning of the year I am going back have not lost anything or even had a tangle . So I guess I was,due . 


We wound up with 6  steelhead and salmon boated out of like 15 hits . 

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Above tells you why Cannon riggers are not a high quality product . 


No way should the swivel base  should ever break . It should  be engineered to be stronger than it needs  to be . 

When they offer an upgrade kit says something . 





Tells me they are cutting corners . 

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