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A Morning of Laker Jigging

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Hello All,

Hasn't been a very fishing- filled year for me. But a good Saturday forecast moved me to invite an old chum along for some Laker Jigging.

Steve hadn't caught Lakers that way, and was game to try. Usually I like to scout the fish before inviting people, but I probably won't get that many trips so we chanced it.

Luckily, the fish were a short distance from the launch. We set up shop an I quickly landed a nice 33 incher. It took a while for the fish to warm up, but there were plenty under us the whole time. Eventually Steve got a 32 and 33 incher for himself. He was tickled, said they were the biggest he got. Won't be too hard to get him out again! IMG_20200725_063112.jpegIMG_20200725_084631.jpegIMG_20200725_092512.jpeg


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I put up a video once before showing the tackle, tactics, and you can see me catch one in real time.  The only difference between LO and the finger lakes is that in the fingers, cranking the jig really fast back to the boat will get strikes, not so in the big lake.  Here's a link:  


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