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 Cold water came in and so did the fish! Fished East in 20-25 fow and had steady action on Jumbo browns and mature salmon. Carbon 14 and glow frog spoons were mvp today. Highlight of the day was at noon when I was trolling in and last rod down 8ft in 10 ft of water doubles  over and starts screaming. Assumed I had bottom for first 10 min and proceeded to pull boards and break down other rods and left the rod in holder. Figured I’d see if I could turn around and try and undue my snag.  Put boat in reverse to see if I could get my snag loose. Had thumb on reel to try and break line and then I see a fish break water and then realized it was a fish.  Put boat in neutral and fought fish for another few min on side of boat. No official weight but was 29-30lbs on my scale. Was all by myself where I was but heard a good slug of fish came in to river too. Most boats probably stayed there. Good fishing should last another week or two. Get em while you can!

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