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Otisco 9/21


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Tommy and I took a trip to Otisco last night to fish for walleye with Justin Okrepki (justtravytrolling here on LOU). 
We have gone with him multiple times and just like previous trips it was incredible.
Justin takes precision trolling to a whole new level and the results speak for themself. We set nine rods, mostly cores of Otter Boats and one on a rigger. He pays very close attention to his set and each rod is in a specific spot. His tackle and electronics are state of the art. It’s amazing to watch him work as well as to learn about what he does and why. 
We had rods set by 6 and had our limit of big, fat, pretty walleye by 9. We pulled and drove to a shallow area and casted for an hour which resulted in fur or five bass as well as another walleye. 
If you’re looking for a cool experience I recommend Justin 100%. Otisco is incredible and Justin lives and breathes it. 







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2 minutes ago, muskie magnet said:

What's the main forage base there ? I noticed you don't bleed them out,  taste good, even the bigger ones ?

Alewives are plentiful in Otisco. 
We did bleed them out before putting them in the well. 

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Thanks for the kind words guys!  


muskie magnet I just cut all 4 gills on each side to bleed them so you can't see it.  I don't cut the throat because I feel it kills the fish too fast and doesn't bleed them as well.  Not too mention I don't care for pictures with them cut like that.  If you completely remove the lateral line and skin fat along with bleeding them the big ones are every bit as good as skinny little Oneida fish. 


 Anyone interested in getting out better get on it as I have few openings left.  My season on Otisco is only 3 more weeks maybe 4 if weather and fishing are awesome.  I haven't spent 24 hours at home total since end of April.  I'm ready for some time off and some hunting.  Seems like yesterday I was putting the boat in and somehow another season has come and gone.  I'm sure nobody spent more time on the water this season than I did, and thanks to all my great customers for making it possible.

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Great post Bill and hats off to Justin. Those fillets look wonderful Bill....I'm salivating. I ate my last eye a couple weeks ago... just perch left now but that isn't too terrible a problem I guess:lol:

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