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What have you killed a deer with?


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23 hours ago, tuffishooker said:

If you had to pick ONE gun what would it be ?

my encore has killed more deer and i've yet to get my first deer with my new CVA accura v2 45 caliber LR. so the choice is really hard to make because i like the CVA just a little better and it shoots a tighter group thban the encore. i've started letting my 14 yr old granddaughter shoot the encore so that will probably be her gun. so my choice is the CVA accura v2 45 LR rifle with the new aero tip ELR bullets with 150 grn of 777 pellets.

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If you had to pick ONE gun what would it be ?
My Left Handed Remmington 700 BDL 30-06. It'll kill anything in North America and has had its fair share of deer, bear, and coyote.

I like that gun soo much, a few years ago I had it completely disassembled, cleaned, reblued, reassembled and fitted with a brand new Leopold scope. That should get me another 25 years out of it.

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870 Remington-many

stag arms AR-15 223-3

Ruger super black hawk 44mag-3

T/C omega 50 cal. muzzy-dozens

3 different PSE compounds- couple dozen.

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i started deer hunting at a late age around 30. i took the front sight of an old savage 16 auto that my brother found in a trash barrel with the barrel bent and replaced the front sight with a ground dawn thumb screw turned sideways. i attached a ml rear sight on it. the 2nd day of our gun season of my first hunt i killed a nice 8 pointer.

several with the 16 savage

a Mossburg 12 that i don't remember the number of

a 50 Cal cva kit gun muzzleloader

a 12 ga cva double barrel muzzleloader loaded with a 690-round ball with 90 grns of black powder

a 50 Cal cva double barrel

a white 50 muzzleloader

a 50 Cal Thompson center encore that i used for many yrs.

a 70# Hoyt bow

a2001 mercury grand marquis. my brother n law died in TN just an hr. after I returned from tn. my wife was already there. i took off in a hurry to get there. at night. was flying around curves and was about halfway around a steep curve and a herd of 20 or so deer ran right out in front of me and stopped. i took out 3 before i could get stopped. all 3 ended up in the ditch on the right side. I thought about loading them up and cleaning them but decided i was just to darn tired. it was only about 5 miles to go so i went to the sheriff's office and made a report for my insurance. then went on home. my wife's uncle came upon a guy loading them in the back of his truck. so, they didn't go to waste.

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