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  1. That sucks Rob. I know Salmon River was starting to get the Kings out and I was wondering why Sandy wasn't first on the list. I did not realize that the creek was that warm already.
  2. There is a RV resort off of Hartline Road in Newfane. They have a website.
  3. We have run a few and they do run a little deeper than Rapalas and 3 have found the bottom fish.
  4. I have done well on both spoons off the boards also,just put a small split shot on to keep it down.
  5. I was at the meeting. All the above. Alewife numbers were really high and that probably put strain on zooplankton. Their condition was down so it affected the predators. Now the Alewife numbers are down so time will tell what effect that has on things. Another cold winter that we just had won't help matters. If the numbers are right and there are 50 percent more adult Kings due to Natural Reproduction that could also be a factor. It is a tough balancing act to say the least.
  6. I have not fished Keuka but talking to others who have and readin on Ice Shanty it sure sounds like fun. A flasher would be good to have.
  7. My advice is go somewhere else although no place is great right now. Go to Keuka and jig for Lakers off the State Park, that is good right now or go to North end of Conesus where you will get tons of action on Bluegills.
  8. I have a small Hub Style shelter made by Killzone. It is fine for 2-3 people. They also make a bigger one. I have not used it too much as I use my Fish Trap more often. The downside of Hub's is that they have to be anchored and not all that moveable when you get set up. There are a lot of reviews on portable shelters on the Ice Shanty fishing forum. Good Luck.
  9. I have not posted in awhile so here it is. Fished out of Vitale yesterday afternoon. Caught tons of Gills but only one was at least 7 1/2 inches. That is the minimum that I like to keep. Stayed to 6 PM for a Crappie or 2 but no takers.
  10. Full moon is 2moro so for a few days I would rather hunt the afternoon. I have not seen much the past 2 mornings as I could not hunt the afternoons.
  11. Most of it will melt this week. It is trouble when it lasts the entire winter.
  12. Run em behind Dipsey and off Riggers. No flasher.
  13. My guess is not much yet although a few guys were getting some off the Charlotte Pier last week. Head to Lake Erie they are doing well in 60 fow off of Catt. Creek.
  14. Work the 100 fow depth for a while then troll out to 200. If that does not work go out to 400.
  15. Nice goin out in that deep water. That is where its been hot for a while now. Maybe some of those kings will come in soon or maybe they won't spawn this year. Ha Ha.
  16. We went out after work for a couple hours to get some fishin in cause we are workin this weekend. It was pretty choppy from the east for my boat but was fishable. We stayed around 90 fow where ther were some marks and bait. We did 2 Lakers, a Ten pound King lost a laker, and a nice screamer probably a King. Not bad for a couple hours. Sorry no down temp. Hope the winds die down for all of ya for the rest of the weekend. I might try to get out Monday morning for a few hours. Till next time. Brian
  17. we had all of 3 footers off the Oak yesterday 27 line.
  18. I agree Bob's daily reports are great. I just need a bigger boat so I can get out to the 30 Line.
  19. Most matures are 31/2 with very few being 41/2. Look at some of the Lake Ontario Bioligist reports on the DEC website. There is some good info there. There is a very small percentage of kings that make it to 4 years. Just because a fish is in the upper 20's does not mean it is 4 years old.
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