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  1. Towing with a 1/2 ton pickup the choice in trailers is important. An aluminum trailer saves quite a bit of weight vs a steel trailer. That weight savings gives you more leeway for weight of boat and gear.
  2. Another option if you don’t have luck in Buffalo could be Bills Hooks in Dunkirk.
  3. Netting fish with an outboard on a bracket isn’t that much different from netting on a transom outboard. Just maybe need a longer handle on the net. Many bracket boats have a door so you can have one foot on bracket other on the deck. Like most things brackets have pros and cons- IMO the benefits out weigh the negatives.
  4. Curious on why no outboard mounted on a bracket? To me a bracket offers more cockpit room and makes adding a kicker pretty simple plus boat performs better. Only downside is netting a bit tougher and you’ll pay more for storage. Get in the back of a bracket boat and you may rethink.
  5. Some sticks with three hooks I’ll remove front hook for fewer net tangles. When I do I go up a size or two on rear hook to make up for weight loss of front hook. Using a duo lock snap is fine with a swivel up above on the leader especially with light weight spoons.
  6. I bought a couple 300lc’s on rods this winter for $180 for the pair. At the time I checked EBay and thought used reel prices were high. Guess I should see what I have laying around.
  7. Group 1 sold pending payment. Group 2 still available.
  8. Both lots available-price includes the ride to your door!
  9. Rods are all sold. Will close after everything is finalized.
  10. TT - some decent rigger rods. Price does include shipping!
  11. I like a 10’ or 10’ 6” diver rod for a high diver. Let’s you use an 8’ or 8’6” diver rod inside if you choose to. With braid you don’t need a twilley tip or roller tip used for wire.
  12. In a smaller boat application like the OP’s Lund Rebel 1625, in line’s are a better option to me from a space and storage consideration alone. If you fish with same crew, it is pretty easy to have a routine with in lines. If you want in lines to be easier to reel in try a Sam’s pro release. Big boards are awkward to store even the folding ones.
  13. Sam, another person got them first by PM. If that deal falls through I would give you next chance. Sold-pending payment.
  14. Have several Okuma Blue Diamond Downrigger rods acquired in a tackle swap. These rods needed some guides repaired and tips replaced replaced because of missing inserts, Rods have been repaired with guides replaced, retied and coated with flex coat rod guide epoxy. Pac Bay hialoy double foot guides were used in correct sizes. Rods weren't broken just guide issues. With repairs rods are in "good condition". Photo's attached and can provide more if requested. Price is as follows: Group 1- Pair of BD-C-862M-1 8'6" Line 12-25lb Medium Action 2 piece rigger rod. Price per matched pair with USPS domestic shipping is $65.00 Repairs were one guide on butt section replaced each rod and one tip replaced. Group 2- One BD-C-762ML -1 7'6" Line 8 to 20lb Medium Light action 2 piece rigger rod. Repairs were one upper guide replaced and one upper guide retied along with new tip. One BD-C-862 ML-1 8'6" Line 10 to 20lb Medium Light action 2 piece rigger rod. Note this rod measures closer to 8"1". Repairs were 3 upper guides replaced. One BD-C-862MLa 8'6" Line 10 to 20lb Medium Light action 2 piece rigger rod. Believe this is an earlier version w/different butt and wrappings. Repairs were one guide retied and tip replaced. Price for Group 2 Rods with USPS domestic shipping for all three rods is $75.00. Note- these rods being sold as "used". No returns or refunds. Happy to provide more photo's if concerns on condition.
  15. Have two Bert's Rod Holders in polished silver. One is in good condition and is set in the ratchet position (these rod holders are designed to be either ratchet or fixed depending on position). Second rod holder has damage to ratchet side and is set in fixed position - functions fine and locks once position is selected. Price for pair including USPS shipping domestic is $75.00
  16. I have an old Russell 9” blade I like for salmon. I tend to like the feel of a thinner blade. Believe Dexter Russell still offers it as a traditional 9 inch with wood handle made in USA for around $30. I also have an RADA and it is OK for smaller fish. Cutco’s are a nice piece and I have been tempted-guess I’m a bit cheap as I’ve not pulled the trigger on one.
  17. Houndog, you have a PM. Lot 1 sold pending payment
  18. Both regular dipseys and slide divers are very productive. For someone just getting into wire divers, I would second Gamblers advice of starting with regular dipseys. Fewer connections easier to store. Wire is fussy so keep it simple to start.
  19. Have 2 groups of R&R Razors in 4 3/4" and Superlights in 3 3/4". The Super Lights Mirage Diamond with Gold UV backs. Razors are a variety of colors and backs. Spoons are in good condition-many have not been used. Price is $40.00 per group including Flat Rate shipping in US. Paypal for pred payment. Group 1 has 5 Razors in top row with 6 Super Lights in bottom row. Group 2 has 6 Super Lights in top row with 5 Razors in bottom row,
  20. Before you start messing around swapping parts to turn a 9.9 into a 20hp you should see what 9.9 does on a 16 footer. My neighbor put a 20 hp Suzuki on a 16’ Lund in place of a 25 hp Merc 2 stroke (boat rated for 30hp). With a driver and no passenger at wot the 20 hp Suzuki would go into over rev position with ecu going into limp home mode. With a passenger he can go wot otherwise solo he only runs about 80 percent throttle. Once you get used to the rpm limit not an issue and boat is plenty fast for what it is. Something to be aware of- no point in solving one problem only creating another. I knew guys that put 9.9 decals on 15hp to get around 10hp limits.
  21. Made the decision last fall to go Suzuki over Yamaha even though I have had great reliability from Yamaha over the years. Got the Suzuki 9.9 T Series High Thrust with 12 amp alternator, EFI, and fact that Suzuki uses same engine size for 9.9, 15 and 20 hp. With the good weather last fall put the 9.9 Suzuki on my Lund and got the break in hours done on the new motor. Suzuki has a pretty detailed break in procedure- was nice to get out of the way. Suzuki also has an oil filter which I have not had on my 9.9 and 8 hp Yamaha kickers. Suzuki is very quiet and has good degree of tilt. Looking forward to trolling with it this year.
  22. Good change of pace lure - tie one on a outside diver or as a tail gunner. Some days the fish want something different and j plugs have taken plenty of kings. Not just a late season lure either.
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