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What rod holders do you prefer?

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Installing track system in the boat In a couple weeks.. looking to get input on which rod holders to go with!

Been looking at traxtech stuff... but I also like the cannon dual acid rod holders also!!

Input appreciated!!!!!

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Honestly that's why I'm steering away from traxtech... 6' tracks are $8 more than Ciscos

2 hours ago, 4426 said:

Cisco, if you price it out it may actually beat the prices of some of the other brands. I know my setup would have been about $350 more if I went traxstech. 


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I use cannon single axis because they can be set using one hand. at times I start letting my divers out without setting my rod holder where I want it so it's easy to fix this using just one hand. I kept letting the diver out with one hand and using the other hand to set the holder.


but if the 1 hand operation doesn't matter to you then by all means get the ratcheting traxstech holders. they are solid holders that have 17 spots to set them in, whereas I believe the cannon only has 5 or 6 spots to set them.

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