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Owasco Good Brown, board down!

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Got out this weekend to chase some browns again.....weather forecast didn't look great, but what's new. Loaded the boat and headed to the lake. Sat morning was calm and we had a window that lasted until noon before the wind hit full force. Set the boards and was immediately hit and we brought a eater brown to net. Next few hours were busy with high column lakers and smaller browns. Made a few adjustments to the spread and not much was happening,  started to second guess leads and lure selection as we all do.........then board back with a nice jumping brown, we began to fight it and another inside board took a rip.......I thought our fish got into the line........then the off shore board went again........and I mean SCREAMED back and then disappeared under water!  I looked at my son and said put that rod down into the holder, and get this one, it's something big.   At first, I thought big laker as I saw no breach.....fight was heavy weight and not much action. Then the fish ran......50 ft of line like nothing.....my son worked fish in and we saw a glimpse and I still thought laker......two more good runs and I caught a side glimpse......didn't dare tell him it was a huge brown....kept calm and landed a hammer, his PB.....went to the marina, used a big live bag and it weighed in at 15 pound 7/8 ounces! What a great experience.......we recovered the fish for an hour in the live well and it was more than ready to swim away, as we released it to fight again.  Made one heck of a memory for me and my oldest, something we will never forget.  Sunday gave us the same window and we boated another great brown that we released along with some lakers and eater browns.  Chilly still on the water, temps near 47 on surface came and went. Blk/Silver were great colors. 2.0 speed did the trick. Tight lines.






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Great looking fish.  As always, you have that lake dialed in.  Some of the water in the background looks colored.  Did the wind get it churned up a little?  Cayuga sits down so low compared to the land mass that never seems to see much colored water unless mud after heavy rain

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Yes, the north wind Sat really colored it up. Temp low to mid 40's. I saw snowflakes today too......gimme back those warm days please.......wind was cold on that water the last two days for sure.

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