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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: RUNNIN REBEL




Date(s):AUGUST 16th,2009

Time on Water: 6:30 AM---1:30PM

Weather/Temp: HOT 80's

Wind Speed/Direction: light/calm SW

Waves: 0"

Surface Temp: 76'

Location: Sandy Creek---Pump house

LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): 360'---380'




Total Hits: 17

Total Boated: 15

Species Breakdown: 4 kings---11 bows (released 5 fish)

Hot Lure: gator/silver back & glow frog/silver back white spinny's- white & green flies

Trolling Speed: 2.4---2.6 GPS

Down Speed: 2.7---2.9 Fish hawk = = = 1.9---2.2 Depth Raider

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth: riggers 45'---80' divers 225' on 3.5 w/big rings off out riggers




First I would like to congradulate Rob & Chris (Legacy team) on their grand prize Orleans County derby win. I also want to thank BILLY V for teaming up with me on sat. On Sat trip we boated a#27 king and days before we entered a #25.12 king so we knew big fish were coming around. But I never counted on THAT BIG!!!

This is a pick of him. (I deleted as much charter info/advertising as i could in pictures) I know that offends some people.

PS LEGACY SPORT FISHING Rob I hope you took the joke in stride as we announced that we entered it and took over grand prize on the last day of derby. (not all of us were entered in derby) So we cut it up into $4000 SALMON STEAKS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Saturday i had the pleasure (and great time) to team up with BILLY V, here is a #27 king we landed.


This king was 41" long (taller/wider & heavier) than my 4 year old daughter MORGAN!!!


pic of #25.12 king boated earlier in week also


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Nice fish Jerry! I guess Billy showing you how to run Flasher/Flies really paid off on Saturday!

Hey Dex, he might even be dangerous in a Salmon tourney soon if he gets better at running them!

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THanks DEX!!! pay no attention to the 2 clowns below vvvvvvvvvvvvv.

Yankee I admit Billy came aboard with his flashers/flies combos sat and said run these 3 now and switch to these 3 when i tell you later. CONFIDENCE/KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE with what he does with them is amazing and i thank him for helping me out.

SOOOO if the Yankee troller would extend that offer again to take me aboard and show me a DEEP SET flasher/fly attack.. ALOT MORE TROUT WILL SURVIVE IN 2010 TOURNAMENTS!

Seriously THANKS to both BILLY & Rick for the help.



PS ALL those big salmon pictured were caught on spoons or cut bait run clean.

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Jerry excellent fish :yes: Wish I could land one on your boat like that.... Oh wait I have never been fishing on your boat :o:lol::lol::P Some day we'll hook up :yes:

Hey why does the salmon look happier than Morgan in that picture. You forced her to stand there in that picture with her daddy wearing that silly hat didn't you :lol:

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HEY IZZO, Thanks for reminding me of how much$$$ fillets i keep making. I think we lost more $$$ than we ever won. Great to see you guys down there soon.

NOTE TO SELF: bring long tow rope for joe dirt days!!!



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Way to go Billy, i brought some of my spinnies on jerrys boat and he made me sit in the corner and drive all day,FINNALY he turned his head and i snuck a couple colors out there so we could actually catch fish . oh yea nice job driving jerry while bill hooked all the fish.

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