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Oswego 9/4/09 AM - LOC KING

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: CRUZ CON-TROLL





Time on Water: 6:30 am

Weather/Temp: Sunny - 75- 80 deg

Wind Speed/Direction: West 5-10 mph

Waves: 1ft

Surface Temp: 73 deg

Location: Oswego




Total Hits: 4

Total Boated: 2

Species Breakdown: 2 KINGS

Hot Lure: White green dot SD/ HAMMER, cut bait

Trolling Speed: 2.3 2.4 GPS

Down Speed: N/A

Boat Depth: 90-160

Lure Depth: 70-105




Friday 9/4 am - Off from work today, LOC Fishin, Lots of boats , baitfish and fish in the Oswego Area. Very few hits this am AM for us, but one BIG QUALITY HIT. Started early 630am by the five stacks in 100 fow. First to go was the Wire diver with a White green dot spinney/ Glow Hammer atommik Fly out 300 no 2. setting - 20 lb king.

Quiet for the next few hours. Marked fish and bait but no takers. Fishing buddy and myself kept switching lures . Then threw down some cutbait. Rod released shortly after bounced a couple times , got to the rod, no one home, just lacerated meat. Threw it back down to 105ft. . 10 min later rod pops again, race to the rigger and set the hook. Fish just dogged a little bit, then figured out it was hooked. Smoked most my 30 lb. line, off the reel. 15 min later, fish hit the net then deck. Didn't have a scale, and fished for a couple hours more. One more release , no one home.

Ran the fish to Larry's Shop and put it on the scale. 34 lbs 4 oz. Nice way to start off the Long Labor day Weekend! Video to follow.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!


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:yes: .....very nice......congratulations. thanks for the pic and the story. must have been alot of excitement for you and your buddy when it hit the scale.. :yes:

Actually the excitement started with the long scream (as RJ describes),

then when we first saw the dorsal on the beast, then when we got into the net, then when it got into the boat.

We new it was big, as it wasn't too hard decide that fact. After some well deserved congratulations, the question next was weather to go in to weigh it right away, or,

since we caught a nice fish and we were in a good spot with nice weather and conditions

and being the eternal optimists decided to keep fishing.

(Since we had no scales we tried to make our best guesses. We figured it probably wouldn't beat the current leader @ 34:11 but would make the board.)

As RJ said we fished some more and then went to weigh it where I lost the bet (ice cream) regarding weght predictions.

Actually Larry lost but he wasn't in on the bet :)

The next thing to do was decide what to do next. So we went back out fishing......as

1) We had the whole day off.

2) The boat was on the trailer in Oswego, where,

3) Not far away were some really nice fish

4) Weather was perfect albeit a little sunny for salmon but who's complaining about the recent spell of nice weather

5) No fee for relaunching at Wright's

6) I was "up"

I'll let RJ give the blow by blow of our afternoon trip.

As always it was fun.

Congrats to RJ.

He actually responded to a boat waving distress flags (engine quit) at us on our way in east of the Lighthouse and

we managed to tow the boat and the three thankful passengers back to the dock safely. What a captain, fisherman and friend. :yes:

Don't lose it.


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Congrats on a Nice Fish guys! Cant wait to see video of the beast. I think I would use some of the prize money to buy a good scale. --just my 2 cents

That was also one of the discussions we had when we were trying to decide whether to run in to Larry's to weigh it right away or not.

A better net too... but thats another story :lol:

Don't lose it


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Thanks Guys for the replies and support. Personal Best here. I guess right time , right place, right bait, and lots of luck. You are right JAX - a good scale should be purchased - ya just never know whats on the other end of the line. Lil Boat (Dan) - and myself tried our best guess on the weight, but came up short.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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Thanks Mark - Thanks for setting up the LOC leaderboard section. Excellent idea to have an area for the leaderboard. Always looking for new lures and presentations from this website to get rods flying. Always get bites on the cutbait, (both strips and whole herring) especially when the conditions slow down.

Hands were pretty full with just two of us, manning the motor, net , camera, steering and Fish. Anyways just fun to be out there , and once in a while gettin LUCKY.

Tight Lines and Singing Reels to you all!

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