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I am Done


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I don't have call waiting or caller Id on my phone at home. I only have my cell phone for when I am on the water. Now after getting my bill yesterday I am done with it. Another

$ 4.00 in taxes have just been added. It is not the $ 4.00 ,it's the principle of the whole thing, So Monday morning I will be one of the few I hope , with out a cell phone any longer. Hell I lived 50 years with out one. Now lets see what there going to do now .

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Mike getting rid of the home phone will not happen, that is where it belongs for $ 39.00

per month and be able to call anywhere in the usa at any time. Just a flat rate.

Now my wife's and my cell phone has gone up from $ 62.00 per month to now over $80.00 per month. All tax increase over the last two years.

They can go tax some one who thinks they can not live with out one.

If I am on the water and fall in , it will not do me any good anyway sitting on the dash board of the boat. Quiet sure they don't work under water. Never needed one for the first 57 years of my life and can not believe I was sucked into it in the first place.

They don't call me in to assist in open heart surgery any more , my stock broker is in jail , the kids all all grown up and just want money, I live to far out of town to call for pizza delivery. Face it all we do is BS on a cell phone and put money in someone

else pocket and bottom line.

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Stan, you are a bitter man....why don't you like taxes? :rofl: you go man! mine is like using the old can and string from my childhood days.....can ya hear me...what?...hey you broke the string... aw crap...I wish it was a real phone and not a camera, gps, web surfer, weather radar, game player, music player, and most of all....I wish it was a phone :lol:

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Stan, what your paying is a little high. My girlfriend and i both use ours for work (one is unlimited and the other has 900 minutes, one verision, one cingular) both also have unlimited texing, pictures etc and we pay about the same as u. I cant imagine u use it more than us. Try shoping around, or a track phone just in case. We also dont have a house phone the last for years. Droped the tree in the back yard and that took care of that. Even when i redid the floors in the house i didnt wire the jacks back in. I always like sending the pics to my fellow workers of the sunrises from the water the days i cal in.:D:D or the fish i just caught 2 my little brother. Some of those moments are priceless. Calling a guide that i know thats was out the day before to c what colour they were hitting on that day has also been priceless info at times.....At has its good points and bad.....but like my friend that finds answering his cell phone when some one calls annoying and he will get to it at his leisure, has missed the last minute fishing outings more than once

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