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If you could only have four Fly and doger combos......

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MT Dew

White on White Glow

Green Dot

Something Chrome- 42nd or NKB

Boy Blue has it's days too.


Green Crinkle



If I can't pull fish on at least 2 of these I'm going home or the bar ;)

I know these are on many guys lists but rightly so they consitantly pull fish, these work for me early july through labor day deep offshore and inside waters.

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1. Green Hypnotist

2. Glow Ghost

3. Green & Pearl Krinkle

4. Martini

Dodger, Spinny, etc...

1. 8" Green E Chip

2. 8" Silver Prism E Chip

3. Blue Glow Spinny

4. White Green Stripe Spinny

Mix and match the combos and see what works. Each day can be a little different.

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I would tie on a yellow echip and a green fly (Tomic Green Hammer, Howie Green crinkle, Moonshine GP)

Just buy 4 of them, but if you must have some variation get a white glow on white spin Dr and a DW No-see-um

That is all you need for the fish, the rest would be for you.

If you must have a chrome then get the spin Dr gator and run a Moonshine Carbon 14 fly behind it.

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1) Green Gator spinny/ sweet pea fly

2) UV Plaid with green strip pro troll/ mirage fly

3) Green dot spinny/ shark week fly

4) NBK spinny/ hammer fly

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Green Chip

White chip

White green dot spinny

White Spinny

Green glow Attomik

Hammer/Hammer Glow Attomik

Ace Fly/ (modified B-Fly)Attomik

Ultra white glow Attomik

What and when to run them depends on temps, sky conditions, time of day, time of year, and apparutus just to name a few of the parameters!

I'm sure if Tom writes his book there will be many words dedicated to this very subject!

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I do not know the names of all the flies. I make my own and use these. Dark green early in the day or deep but can be used all day. Light Green after early morn. Light Blue Glow anytime, anywhere. Very Light colors (see through) in the daytime and higher in the water column in clear water. The smelt/alewife looking one in the Spring. I like glow in all flies with some kind of U.V., fine material and some silicone.

Atomic 8" spinny in dark colors with dark flies and light color spinnies with light flies. White on white in the fall.


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