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Happy Birthday Musky


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Thank guys. Just getting b/day wishes from you has made my day. The friends I've met, some personally & some just thru threads here are some of the best I've ever had. Your comments over the past year have given me a lot to smile about and the pic & reports you've shared are some of the best. We're very fortunate to live in an area where we can enjoy world class fishing that others can only dream of doing. The folks here and at the various tourneys I've been in are all first class and I'm proud to call you my friends. Thanks again, it's been a great day. :yes:

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OH JOY ...............Yes o'll timer the years have been good and the friends meet from this site even better.

Last nite Our family was in one room (concert hall Michigan State) but not all sitting in the same row. It was our first Full Symphony Orchestra we were able to attend to see our little girl blow wind across her flute. As you know before a performance many instruments must be fine tuned,warmed up,and reeds moistened. I turned to Carol and said (as many performers all did their last min. tuning in various keys at the same time) "kinda sounds like her 1st 3rd grade concert performing at their best). The intro peice was boaring at best ,but "Hector Berlioz" Symphonie Fantastique" 1830. Was Awsome. Yes the missing family member from our row was the lead Flute player among over 100 other performers in the orchestra. In the nearly 1 hour long performance it was clear to see our "Little girl" was gone and a beautiful Woman had filled her shoes.Was it the music or the years of memories that caused our eyes to tear up,You decide when you pull up this piece on the internet ,and read the Program notes and hear the music in a quiet room..............HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB. I love you man!

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Ray, you have a daughter to be so proud of! As a hobby minstrel myself, (guitar, drums) I can appreciate the dedication it takes to immerse oneself in the story of the music and to bring that emotion to the audience and perform in a piece that compilations 5 movements for nearly an hour!

She is a gift to everyone who's life is enhanced with music.

Thankyou Ray, Carol, and family, we love you too man!

Bob, I even love bluegrass, amazing right!?....rap...not so much :no:

Hey :wait:..Nancy P. Said "we can all become artistic whatevers, we will still have healthcare"...wanna start a a band?...I got a garage ...uh.. full a stuff we can fiddle with :happy2:

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