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Need A boat name


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Thank's guys.Yesterday I had some major plumbing issues in the bathroom so I couldn't get back to the computer . Almost fixed. Anyway the boat is only a 16+1/2 foot fiberglass crestliner. It's still in good shape for being a 75. It will mostly be used for trolling as long as the water isn't too rough. Thank's for the ideas. Back to work. Mick

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Reel Rock-R

Rig’r Rocker


Rock M

Mick’s Rig

Mick’s Plunger

Brain Drain

Fish Flusher


Was “Sweet 16 & ½â€Â

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I like some of your ideas Longline. I think it's now gonna be Rock em. This won't be my boat forever and I think it needs a name so that's it. When your at the Oak and you see a small blue crestliner that will be me. Thank's for the input guys. Mick

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"Wet Dreams"

"Chasin Tail"


"Fish Dix"


"Fishy Fingers"

"Reel Passion"

"M.I.L.F"..........Man I Love Fishin'

"You've Been Served"...(What my wife wanted me to name my 24' Throphy...Not sure what she meant by that...)

Anything but "Draggin' Ballz" ;)

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Alright guys. The boat is out of the barn and in the driveway with the cover on.Trolling Stones is going to be the name. Now I have to figure out a way to attatch cannon sport trolls to old riviera swivel mounts. The screw holes don't line up what-soever any suggestions? A block of wood in between is out of the question. (that was my first idea). Any help would be appreciated.- Mick

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Mick, owning as machine shop, I don't like to patch anything. However, in your situation you may want to use JB weld and plug the old holes and drill and retap to adapt using the Cannon as a template. Using wood is not to be even considered as you stated. I won't be up to Pt. Breeze until possibly the spring L.O.C. If you could wait, I would make you an aluminum spacer's' to adapt at no charge to you. That is depending I can get up there then. If not, I'm sure I'll be there in the month of May at some point in time. Maybe some one else has other ideas.

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Mick - I'd use two pieces of 1/4" aluminum plate countersunk & screwed to base with s/s flatheads & a little loctite. Then drill & tap the plates as needed. If you can work with wood then you can work with aluminum. It's a lot easier than most guys think.

Tom B.


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Tom, you pretty well described what I had in mind if Mick decided not to JB weld his current swivel mount. Thanks for your followup. I refered to it as a spacer or subplate if you prefer. If you do use aluminum, go with 6061. Drilling this is rather easy, but use a punch to center on location if free handing.

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