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It has been a few weeks since fishing lake o... kids travel sports need i say more! I was not sure the wind was gonna cooperate and at 405am texted my buddy that i was pulling the plug on the trip. After that i again checked the Noaa, weather channel, wx bug, and measurements at buoy. decided we should go and left house at 420 ... got to sandy launch and was surprised it was a ghost town. followed another boat out channel and thought they look like they might know where to go for kings... as i follow they slow and set up for browns in 70' or so. we pressed on and set up i think in the 200-250 range. ended up the best water was 350-450 went around 9/12. 3 kings at around 20 & 2 kings 16-18#. boated 2 small steelhead also and the rest small kings. 300 wire, 325,375 copper, 70 and 90 rigger took fish. green dot w glow fly, kos, gator, bad toad, and FLT custom took fish. mags and standard sizes. 2.3-2.5 gps.

it was one of my better days out there this year. glad we went! rod ninja and my buddy jody got to bring in the big ones! nice to see face on an 11 year old or a guy that barely fishes, hold a rod as it peels nearly 400' of wire out. Brett and I shared the captain and first mate position i guess! neither one of us has done much reeling of kings this season.

Another great time with friends and my son. you should see this kid go after a rod! here r some pics..


good luck and be safe!


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Wow, great trip. I fished similar depth further east, but did not have results nearly that good. Way to go!

(I did the same as far as weather checking at 4am...great when it works in our favor once in a while)

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200 fow is not that far out. Couple minuets wide open throttle and your there. Shore feels pretty close also. Not until 400's do you feel like your heading off shore. I spend allot of time out there in a 14' aluminum and watching the weather close never feel as if it's "dangerous".

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