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for sale : usa LOU Oval Stickers

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Display your involvement in this amazing community with LOU oval stickers on your vehicles, trailers, or boats!

I made a small run of LOU oval stickers. Something in me wanted one, so I thought I'd make some and offer them up.

Costs are: $2.50 per sticker or 3 for $6
(Price includes postage)

They measure 6" wide by 4" high


Let me know if you're interested. I do have a PayPal account or you can mail me $ or a check. *Canadian pricing also available, pm for details.

Tight lines!


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Hi Dan -


Luke did reach out to us and ask our permission before creating the stickers.  It's one that we don't offer in the store so I told him he could sell them if he wants; he has our permission.  Thanks for checking!



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I'll take 3 of them Luke. Send me your name/address by PM. I'll send a check as I don't do Paypal. Thanks. Les

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Luke was really quick getting mine to me and they look real nice. It will be a good way to identify LOU folks at launches and ice fishing parking lots etc. Good thinking Luke. :yes:

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Edited my original post and added Canadian pricing available for the North shore folks. Postage is more expensive so the #s are higher. Doing my best to get these out as cheap as possible! There's a foreign currency exchange close by, so I think I can work in Canadian $ for you, will post with more info later.
Let me know if you're interested.

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