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Sandy Creek Shootout paid teams list

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1. Escape

2. Silver Fox

3. Yankee Troller

4. Runnin Rebel

5. Addiction

6. Rabid Weasel

7. Wonsome

8. Peace of Work

9. Double D

10. Pull The Hook

11. Triple S

12. My Mink

13. Bear

14. Rippen Line

15. Make the Turn

16. Team Jager

17. Get the Net

18. Fly N Fish

19. Team Boatino

20. Double AA

21. Jessica Rae

22. U-Betcha

23. Mr. Breeze

24. Salmon Boy

25. Scream'N Reel

26. Salmon Doctor

27. Knife Knot

28. Team Manatee

29. Reel Peace

30. #salmonlivesmatter

31. Chasing Chrome

32. Out of school

33. Tomahawk

34. Fin N Tonic

35. Scream N Reels

36. Maryland Boat

37. Rigged

38. Intimidator

39. Hook' Up

40. Live Action

41. Bronx Bomber

42. MissDemeanor

43. Nothin But Net

44. Draggin Fly

45. Team Black Nasty

46. Chasin Tail

47. AoxomixoA

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Anyone gonna be at the oak or sandy this weekend friday or saturday would like to sign up.

I was thinking the same thing. Need to get paid up for this before I forget like the past few weeks. Gambler Legacy you guys gonna be around the area?
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