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Weight of this Atlantic?

Went out of little Sodus on Sunday, went 11/13.

Found chilly water inside of 300, but a small break 325ish.  Most fish came on spoons around 100 down.

2 mature Kings around 20 lbs

4 juvee Kings

2 Steelies around 9 lbs

2 smaller steelies

1 Atlantic - pics are not the best, and our scale was not working.  What do you think this weighed?  It was 30" long, and more girth than the two mature Kings that were 32" long. 





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we were fortunate enough to land one about that size (but 32") and girth a few years back and ours weighed in at 17.48lbs.  So my guess is 15-16lbs.



Team Thrillseeker

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I would say it weighed around 10lb or so. There is a formula to use to calculate the weight of a fish. I think it's Lenght multiplied by Girth multiplied by Girth and divided 800 should give you approx weight of fish in pounds. Nice Atlantic.


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