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Awesome SLR fish. Congrats. Nobody just goes out and catches one. Awesome tribute to hours put in I'm sure.


Got a chance to take a TILT tour of the ESF fish research center run by Dr Farrell. The man is possessed with the fish he referred to as the "ultra predator".  Depending on forage (i.e. anything that swims :P), he said a musky will grow to 40" in 3 years!!! 56? Quite a few more. Real trophy.

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It's a good question Steve.  I have not seen the smaller class fish yet this year however I think the high water should help with expanding and protecting the spawning areas.  High water great for fishery, not so much for waterfront property owners. For example my uncles pond, which hasn't seen fish in 20+ years has exploded with panfish this year due to high water levels. The amount of new bait fish entering system has to be up from previous lower level years.  It may be 5-7 years before we see Muskies in that 30"40" class that have benefited from water level changes but only time will tell. This is just my own theory so please take it with a grain of salt. Last three trips out we got 52", 54.5" and 50.5" this morning. 


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