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Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

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Well the time is almost upon us.. It's looking like we still have 23 boats that are currently signed up, if I have missed you in the lineup or not added you or not taken you out please let me know by the end of the night or you are in the fishing contest.. We did have a few drop out today and yesterday.. Know they're calling for some wind guys so let's remember safety safety safety if you think it's way too rough for you to be out there fishing it's probably way too rough for you to be out there fishing so fish at your own risk and wear your PFD'S.. If the wind is out of the South and blowing hard remember some of those coves after points and between points on the west side will definitely have calmer water than the middle or east side... I hope everybody has a great time out fishing tomorrow and can't wait to see everybody at the weigh-in by 3pm good luck to all and see you tomorrow... When you get to weigh in make sure you get to the sign-up table and drop off your gentleman's bet and pick up your raffle tickets so that we are all ready to go for weigh in...




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Just got home. Had awesome day on Cayuga. Fished all day long. 15+ fish. Great day. Tomorrow will be while different ball game. Good luck and be safe.

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