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New Hewescraft OP220 ET/RT

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Hi all,


I am very near to pulling the trigger on a new Ocean Pro 220. We will be using the boat to fish local lakes for walleye, trout and landlocked salmon as well as Ontario for Kings, steelhead, trout and more.  I have a pretty good idea of what major components we will rig but I'd like to get input from experienced/knowledgeable people who can tell me what I need/don't. Here goes:


  • BF250 or 225 and BF9.9 high thrust joined with tie bar (Are there better options to control kicker?)
  • Fish tower (factory or Barewest) with 6 rocket launcher rod holders, 2 net holders, radar plate, tabs for deck lights and headlights
  • Lowrance HDS-12 GEN3 with Sonar and Structure scan (considering second 9" unit to mount in the stern)
  • Lowrance Outboard pilot AP with WR10 Remote & BT1 Base Station
  • TROLLMaster Pro2/Pro3/iTroll (Suggestions?)
  • 3x Scotty 2116 HP Riggers
  • 4x Big Jon ratcheting rod holders (very much open to suggestions-vertical trees, Traxstech systems, etc. What works best for plate boats?)
  • Planer rigger - fish tower mounted reels, port & starboard or Dual planer rigger mounted toward bow. Suggestions?
  • Fish Hawk X4 or X4D
  • Lawrence Link-8 VHF with 8' folding antenna


Feel free to agree with or tear my list apart. You won't hurt my feelings and I am always happy to learn! I greatly appreciate the input!

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I have a buddy with the same boat with the pilot house with no bulkhead. It is set up very similarly with Lowrance HDS 9 and 7 at the helm, outboard pilot and speed control for the kicker. The kicker is tied to his 200hp honda outboard with the ez steer bracket. He has used his boat for one season now and loves it. He also just mounted the Xi trolling motor to the bow. It really is a great fishing platform that can handle any conditions we fish in here on Lake Michigan.


My suggestion would be to nix the remote system for the AP and use the money to help fund the HDS at the stern. I can't stand being without mine back there, and I can control my AP from the display, so no need for the expensive remote.

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Here's one way to avoid installing a second HDS unit at the stern. It's an iPad in water resistant case with RAM mount to a Scotty electronics mount in a regular Scotty rod holder mount. Connects thru a wifi connection to HDS Gen3. It'd only be cost effective if you already have an iPad. In really hot weather, my iPad shut itself down to stay cool which doesn't help. In normal weather, this works great

There is an autopilot for kicker motors, TR1 Gold by Garmin. I have the xi5 integrated with HDS-9 and love it EXCEPT on the Great Lakes in waves over 2 ft. My boat is heavy (Grady white 208) and the xi5 becomes overwhelmed with winds over 10 mph on big water. Inland it's ok. I'm adding TR1 this year but if I could only have one, it'd be the xi5. Inland, you can pass over a school of fish or bait ball then scroll back thru the sonar, click 'goto' and it will navigate you back and spot lock right over the fish. Amazing technology.

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I didn't notice you were planning to get the Lowrance outboard pilot. Having TR1 and a main AP would be overkill. I'd join kicker to main with a tie bar. Sorry for not noticing that.

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100_1617.thumb.jpg.8f5cf04a57c422a70619256b01dceecb.jpg100_1619.thumb.jpg.dcfa865e46ba172d075dd860fb23b5ef.jpg100_1744.thumb.JPG.ec328f099e82431a220782d0d6fa3daa.JPG100_1752.thumb.JPG.746e25c72152495038b4817dd2c90c54.JPG100_1782.thumb.JPG.85492a510a1b7598bd96647f9458caa7.JPGI would agree with Tyee11 for the 9 at the stern.

I run some of you're tools also on my boat: HDS Gen3, Lowrance AP NAC-1 with a RC-42 compass instead of the Point-1AP, Point-1 for heading and a 9" in the back; all link by NK-2000 and Ethernet. Xi5 with the gateway. For transducers I have a TM-150, I also have the Structurescan 3D and the X4. Riggers are Scotty's 2116. Next season I will try some adjustable extension for the rod holders on the 2116.

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Good choice on the boat, hope you get it!. I have been enjoying my Sea Runner 220 since April 2011, bullet proof hull. 


Two suggestions:


look at Traxstech riggers, once you use them you will love them, I have  Garmin GHP-10 autopilot that works on either motor  (Honda 8 HPHT, & BF225  it works great & is enhanced with my Garmin Chartplotter..


Good Luck




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I forgot to mention...my buddy had to rivet his tracks because of no access to the bottom of the gunwales. This was how Traxstech recommended it be done, and it is solid. 

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I too hope you get Hewescraft, you will love it! I have a similar type boat, an Alumaweld and couldn’t happier with it. We chase walleyes during the winter on Erie if it doesn’t freeze over and having the hard top is awesome. I installed a heater and window defrosters. 6EFB400A-1DA3-4149-B772-877735E5D78F.thumb.jpeg.cc988ff5111b2cebb9b983d9e89553dd.jpeg110EF0BD-A9E5-451C-8D83-FD13AB7AD938.thumb.jpeg.efb7087d5ee5f4192785c33516b2bcf5.jpeg

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Hello ADK Hewes


Just purchased a 220 OP ET/HT my self. Sitting in the driveway waiting to be rigged w/electronics etc.

Few quick notes for you.


I was tossed between the soft & hard top. Ultimately its personal preference. 


Using Cisco for the tracks and much of the other hardware. They were able to make me some custom lengths with a quick turn around and no up charge. Traxtech was 6 weeks +

They may still have their sale going on 15% off & free shipping on orders over $500. Call Cisco speak to Dave Logan, hell of a nice guy and knows his product well. 

For the tracks on the gunwale if you run them to the end you will be able to nut and bolt the first 6 holes from the stern and rivet the rest. If you have the DR brackets from Hewes you will not be able to do this. 


For the planer reel & pulley mounting if you can get them on the tower in a good usable position than do that. The bow well of the boat is very shallow and if you have to pull the boards in when it gets rough forward mounted masts/planer reels won't be fun. Unless you go with electrics planer reels.


I went with Raymarine for the electronics, they had a rebate offer. Basically got a $1000 back with purchase of 4 devices. 2 MFD;s, AP & Radar. I believe the sale is over though, but they may have some specials at the upcoming shows.

Not sure on the Lowrance but I was able to buy two 9" screens for less than the price of one 12" (more total screen space) Went with the Axioms

I will put the two 9" screens up front and (most likely) a 7" at the stern. Also they have an AP controller that I can mount up front and save the real estate on the MFD screen.


I am very happy with the overall layout of the boat and I am sure it will fit your needs nicely as well.

The biggest draw back I can see so far is rod storage when trailering the boat. The soft top does have some in the sidewalls and the hard top has none. No rod locker at all.


I am in Mexico on vacation but when I return home I will post some photos for you on what I did for track placement etc.


Good Luck with your project!










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There is an outboard bracket  that has an electric steering control so you can fish from the stern of the boat using a belt fob to steer your kicker. It really helps when you are single fishing.

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Brought the boat home and parked her in the garage mid Feb. Since then, we've been working every weekend (and some week nights) rigging the boat. Here's where we're at: 

-OP 220 Rigid soft top/ET

-Honda BF 250/9.9HT (with HD SS tie bar) and HD-4 gauge

-Hewes (WhoDat factory) folding fish tower with 6 rocket launchers and net holder

-Truck suspension seats, washdown pump, live well, shark hide

-Garmin GPSMAP 1242 XSV at helm

-Garmin GPSMAP 1042 XSV on RamMount on fish tower for fishing deck

-Garmin Reactor 40 Corepack with SmartPump and GHC 20 display

-Garmin 210 AIS VHF w 8' antenna

-Garmin AP remote

-Garmin CV52HW-TM transducer

-(Maybe we should buy stock in Garmin)

-Trollmaster Pro Troll Pro3+

-3 Scotty HP2116 Downriggers w/15lb Sharks

-6 Cannon ratcheting/swiveling rod holders on Cannon tracks

-BigJon Planer Rigger mast/reels mounted in bow with double keel Otter Boats

-FishHawk X4D 

-Black Oak 20" Marine Headlight and POD deck light 

-Flexfire under gunnel LED Strips (White throughout, UV in stern)


Hoping to finish this weekend! Pics to come...



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Sounds awesome!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!! Congratulations!!!

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Im so glad you went with a true hydraulic autopilot.  Also that you went with the Garmin electronics.  Their user interfaces are so intuitive and badass.  your setup is going to be wicked.  The only thing I personally would have done different Is I would have went with Simrad GPS, Sonar, Radar, and a thru hull transducer.  Its alot easier to choke on the price when you can roll it into the financing for the boat.  Its exactly what Im looking at doing with a brand new Abelmarle 25 Express at the moment.

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