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rookie fisherman

Spin Doctor & Dipsy storage.

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Had some time to kill today so I spent some time in the shop. 

Took a XXL Plano Pro Latch box with some Starboard I have left over from rigging the new boat.

Fits 10 of the 8" SD's & 6 Dipsys.

Utilized the fins on the SD's to help hold in place....½" starboard fits perfect between the fins. 3/16" cut in the Starboard to slide the body down.

Drilled through the sides of the box and used rubber grommets with SS screws to fasten the Starboard. 

Also drilled 4 drain holes in the bottom of the box.

The Dipsy's won't budge with the lid closed. Stuck a piece of self adhesive weather stripping across the underside of the lid to compress over the SD body. (not shown in photos though) Can turn the box upside down & shake it and nothing moves.

Did a couple of other project today as well, will post when I have a chance.

Love doing this type of stuff when I the have the time to. 







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Nice job thinking that through and sharing it. It is always more gratifying making up things yourself than just paying the long $$$ for someone elses ideas:)

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13 hours ago, VooDoo said:

Great idea.  Where can you get starboard?

eBay. A few sellers sell cut off pieces from larger projects. Perfect for small stuff.

I have used if for electronics mounting, track inserts & other misc stuff.

Tool it just like wood. Strong as hell, won't warp, fade or rot!  


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26 minutes ago, Pike Hunter said:

I would buy a storage box from you if you d make another one.  Good thinking!

I appreciate that and will take it as a compliment!

Making them for resale would take the fun out of it for me though.


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