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Kevin J Legg

Video on gobie on bass spawn

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Too bad the DEC will not make a common sense adjust to the bass season until there is a real problem. Always better to be reactive i guess.
First or second week of July opener would be fine by me for bass.... best fishing is later in the year anyway. Would love to see population improve.

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 I simply don't fish for bass or panfish in cayuga or seneca any longer.. I have  been doing that type of fishing at skaneateles  or Keuka pass few years... Same thing happens with sunfish.. remove a sunfish from its bed, and its over run by those ugly little bastards.. makes me sick, when I think of the fishing I and my sons enjoyed on cayuga and seneca  every summer.. I hope those ugly slimy little demons NEVER make it to the Finger lakes where they currently don't exist... bob

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On 7/6/2018 at 6:47 AM, Organized Chaos said:

Bass should be allowed to be fished until May 1st, then close the season until JULY 1. Shouldn’t be that difficult to do the Great Lakes have special regulations anyway. If they were salmon being destroyed you would see the change.

so true!!

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