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Teeth marks on 20” walleye.

Kevin J Legg

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Hey kevin... know this was posted a few weeks ago. However, i had a similar experience 2-3 years ago. Caught a 23” eye with huge jaw marks in it. Looked like a muskie T-boned the eye. When it tried to turn the fish to eat guessing it got away. It was awesome perspective to see just how large the mouth of a muskie is. It’s good to be the apex predator i guess.

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Opening day this year we were fighting a 24" 6lb eye and it got crushed while fighting it.  We fought both fish for several minutes and eventually the walleye got loose and rocketted to surface and went airborne an easy 4 feet out if the water.  That walleye out fought every smallmouth I've ever hooked hands down.  The bite marks were wider than any tiger I've ever seen.

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