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Boat names and ports of choice


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Name: Storm Bouck

Boat Name: Slim Shaddy

Name Origin: My fathers nickname has always been "slim". So when that slim shaddy song came out, the name just stuck.

Boat Make: 1994 Crestliner Saber

Home Port: anywhere from Rochester to the Bar

Years Fishing Lake "O"-5

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Name: Patrick Lisconish

Boat name: InTheBox

Name origin: phase we use to say that we have fish in the cooler.

Boat make: 1992 252 sportcraft sportfisherman

Home port: Little Salmon River(Mexico Bay)

Years of fishing LO: 10(since i was 16)

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Name: Larry Lapa

Boats: Runnin' Rebel PennYan 26" & BiteMe 15" Smokercraft

Home Port: Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard Capt. Cove

Home away from Home: Cottage on the Lake in Lyndonville

Years on LO: Since 1971

Years Fishing: Since 1959 Clayton, TI

Residence: Greece

Very proud of what my son Chad has done for the fishing community with this website and I like to think that I had some influence in creating his passion for the sport. Thanks to all of you that post here and share your experiences to help others enjoy it too!

We're on ch 72 when we're out of Sandy, but I don't hear too good so try a couple of times and I'll have Jerry (Brother-n-Law) Felluca answer the call, always glad to help.

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Name: Jimmy Starr

Boat name: Calypso

Boat name Origin: I let my son name it. We were at Disney and he said if we ever buy a boat he wants to name it Calypso (it was the name on our hotel). Then I found out later it was Jaque Cousteau's boat name

Boat make: 19 foot Sea Sprite, red and white

Home port: Oak

Years on LO: 10 years in the 80's, then re-started last year

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Name - Howie Nola

Boat Name - HANNAHA'S BANANA, My son just informed us that our first Grand Babby is a GIRL and her name is Hannaha, therefor the boat will been named after her. Can not miss the boats Yellow Belly and Brown Canvas Top ( prior - 21' Thompson - Get-R-Done, boat is still in family, brother in law own her now.)

Boat Make - Formula Thunderbird 25'

Port - Olcott

Years Fishing - Lake Erie - 40 years, Lake "O" - 5 yrs. and still a rookie

Channel 68

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Name: Ted English

Boat Name: Blue Heron

Name Origin: Blue & Gray boat named for the birds that always catch many fish around our dock on Cayuga lake

Boat Make: Crestliner G/L Saber

Home Port: Ibay but trailer both east & west

Years Fishing Lake "O"- 20+

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Name Jeremy Cobin

Port Oak Ochard

Home Silver Springs

Boat 27' Bayliner

Name of boat Still trying to name her

This is my first big boat and my first year fishing Lake Ontario, at least on a regular basis. Look forward to meeting you out there and will be glad to contribute whatever I can for info although being new I am in the learning process.

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Name: Bill Ruth

Boat Name: Billy V

Name Origin: My first son is the 5th in a long line of William J. Ruth's. We named the boat after him.

Boat Make: Penn Yan 295 Prowler

Home Port: Looking forward to our first season in Oak Orchard. Formerly from Fair Haven.

Years Fishing - Nearly 30. Used to split our time between the Finger Lakes and Lake O, but fish Lake O exclusively now.

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Name: Brian Kegg

Boat name: Goin Deep IV

Boat make: 24ft. Baha Cruisers

Home port: Fair Haven or where ever the fish are biting ;)

Years fishing Lake Ontario: 8 (4 for salmon)

Faviorite fishing partners: My son Chris and wife Angie

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Name: Greg Miller

Boat Name: Play Penn

Boat Name Origin: From my 9 year old neighbor and fishing buddy

Boat Make: 215 Penn Yan Hardtop

Home port: Trailer from Cortland to Olcott Spring LOC, Oswego/Mexico Spring Brown and Summer/Fall Salmon

Years Fishing LO: 7

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Name: Scott Bennett

Boat Name: Foolish Pleasure

Boat Make: 21' Bayliner Trophy Hardtop

18' Crestliner Sportfish (no name)

Port: Mainly Fair Haven when on Lake O, but I stay on Cayuga and Owasco most of the time.

Years Fishing: 40+, LO: off and on for the last 20

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Name------ --- John Raschi

Port -----------Olcott

Boat#1 --------22' Trophy

Boat name------Reel Easy

Boat #2 ---------23' Seacraft

Boat name-------King Temper (I have been known to throw a few tantrums)

Will be selling the Trophy in the spring,and replacing it with the Seacraft.

Been fishing Olcott for twenty years.Great port and great people,and awesome fishing.Can't wait to get back up there.

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Name: Chaz Gambino

Boat Name: INDECISIVE - My kids named her because they got tired of boat shopping and I couldn't make up my mind.

Boat Make: 21 ft. Sea Boss

Home Port: Sodus Bay

Years Fishing: 4 years in between building house on the bay.

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