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Yankee at the Oak July 10/11 - Landed our largest Salmon ever!

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Tom and his crew, from Pennsylvania, joined us Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Boy did they hit it just right! This will go down as a trip of a lifetime for them as well as for us. We hooked a lot of fish both days. Saturdays afternoon trip was one of the best we've seen. It was so good we turned two doubles on the same rod, and caught a Coho on a meat rig that was dragging on the surface in the prop wash. The highlight though, was landing everyone's personal best Salmon weighing in at 34.67lbs.


Saturday afternoon we fished 150-200' is water a few miles west of Port. Our Cannon Downriggers parked at 30 & 40' with spoons back 30' were our hottest setups. Geezer and Frost Bite were the best spoons. The beast was part of a triple. First fish took a deep meat rig. When that fish hit the deck big boy hit the 200' diver and headed for Niagara county. Minutes later the 150' A-TOM-MIK copper took a ride. We landed both and the high fives were endless


Sunday morning started out like gang busters. Same set up as the night before. Our best spoons were Geezer, UV Watermelon, Midnight Special, Wonderbread, and 42nd. Most action came on our Cannon Downriggers fished 30-50' down with sliders. Divers fired from 90-115' out on 2.5 settings. 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore and A-TOM-MIK coppers in 150' & 200' took fish.



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7 hours ago, Tomb said:

great job..   What are peoples estimates of what that fish would weight in 5 or 6 weeks..   Just curious


I'd say prior to staging it still could have put on 2lbs, but I'm no biologist.

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