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Taxidermist recommendations

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Hello all


This weekend I got my best brown trout, at 32” 17 lbs out of the big lake. Looking to get a skin mount done and seeing who in the CNY/South shore area does good work as this is a fish of a lifetime for me. I appreciate your input! Pics below for enjoyment!C50EECBA-9B26-4624-866C-0F7CB853A99F.thumb.jpeg.0c5dd701f708e14b53e9e294755258ef.jpegC9BE3366-54E7-4D5C-AD4F-10EF58439844.thumb.jpeg.cc71942b5b556ddeeaa7135555d5a78c.jpeg

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nah, anyone with a credit card can call up a taxidermy and order any fish. 


if you catch a fish memorable enough to pay the money for the mount, get the skin mount. 


replicas are toys. 


if you do go the replica route, at minimum give them your fish so they can create a mold directly from your fish. But most replicas are from catch and release fish...which is great, but putting a fake fish on your wall that isn't even the dimensions of the fish you catch is ... well ... whatever. 

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I’ve got a few done by fish wish and they look like they just came out of the water. My father had one done by her when I was a little kid and it still looks amazing. Don’t listen to the replica hype. A good skin mount will last as long as you     will and actually  look like a fish. Most of the replicas I’ve seen look like they have a remote and sing.  

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