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Good friends, good fish, and big bucks!

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Tom and Skip joined me this weekend for some late summer fishing, Friday met us with a cold front and a few storms so we started with a hardy "landfill" at Dugans and it gave us courage to go battle it out. Spread of copper, cores and riggers all produced at different times of the day but the weather was the king keeping good sized fish pinned down. Saturday we saw improvement and the guys once again saw each technique produce at certain times and saw that hunting for silver fish can be slower when it comes to bending rods. They soon saw how worth it and fun it is when you find some and they hit viciously.  One great rip on the copper finally produced our first summer brown and we were on cloud nine. I would've said that was the highlight of the weekend until this morning. We were trolling through clearing fog when I saw somthing by the boat that looked a bit different....asked the guys if I was crazy.....and they confirmed.... that in the middle of a 170 foot of water was a big whitetail buck swimming by the boat.....I couldn't believe it and we watched him float and swim about 3 miles before getting back on shore.....was an incredible encounter, and a hell of a buck to boot!  Fleas real bad this weekend, whites, and coppers were good colors, speed at 2.5 did the trick. Fun weekend. Will include a couple big bow pics from last Saturday. Too bad they weren't around this weekend. Tight lines.











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