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New Fish Hawk

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I think my display on my x4d is bad so rather than invest in new display for old model I will wait and see what is new and improved with the new version. I have been fishing for a couple of weeks without it and certainly do not feel as confident not having it, Still catching but sure I would be doing better with it  

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They have been saying this for a couple years now. Awhile back I sent them an email with an idea I had that I thought would be awesome if they could incorporate it into there fish hawk. They told me they we’re actually already working on it. A year later I was in the market for a new probe so I reached out again to see if there was any updates. I didn’t want to buy a system then have a better one come out a month later. There response was they could no longer talk about the development. So I figured it was close. That was last year so who knows. 

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seen on there facebook page this week 3 new units this year release and video with give away of a new fish hawk on the 29th from there  facebook page 

After years of development and testing, the time is now. We're excited to introduce the latest generation of Fish Hawk Electronics Systems. Join us on Wednesday, November 29th, for the Fish Hawk Electronics Online Product Launch Show. The show starts at 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern. We'll unveil three new Fish Hawk products that we're incredibly excited about and believe you will be too.
The show features special guests who have tested the product for us this season, videos from on the water, and an opportunity for you to win a new 2024 Fish Hawk Electronics Ultra System. This will be our flagship product for 2024 and you could be one of the first to own one!
The LIVE launch show will be available on our Facebook and YouTube pages. At some point during the show, we'll ask viewers to comment with a specific word. This will be your entry into the drawing for a new Fish Hawk Electronics Ultra. The winner will be chosen at random during the show!



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