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Legacy -The 2022 Season-


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November 12 am
50 degrees
W wind 10-20
Cloudy with occasional rain

Great morning sit! Lots of action which I guess is expected for this time of year.
Hunted a new set for the first time today and It's gonna be a good one. I think as the year goes I think it only gets better. 90 percent of what I tend to hunt is edges of fields and pinch points and this is located in the middle of prime bedding. I have always treated it as a sanctuary but I found a great access point that allows me to sneak in there.

So what did I see today? 12 does and fawns and 8 bucks. Two mature bucks (one shooter and one old decline buck), couple of 2.5 year olds, and the rest 1.5 year olds. Buck observations... I never witnessed them act like rut crazed bucks. All of them were alone. Zero chasing. Just simply cruising.


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Had a family commitment at 3pm today 
Had to get down from my stand a 2 pm and leave the woods
At 4 pm 23yds right in front of my stand this guy shows up...4th shooter at this stand in the past week and no shots 
Dang! Well 4 shooters on cam u will put one of them down it's only a matter of time!

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Ozone and Scent Crusher


I dont know who you are but if you are not 100 percent convinced in ozone technology you are truly missing out.

I purchased my Scent Crusher tote a few years back (possibly 3 years ago). When I did purchase it, I mentioned on the yearly hunting thread but I havent said too much about it. I have been a bit reluctant to praise it until I was confident in it and it has my confidence 1 million percent. 

This has been a amazing addition to my normal scent control measures but attention to wind is still 100% for me on stand selection. 

My experience so far has been downwind deer seemed to be unafraid of the smell of the ozone. It seems like half of them pay no attention to it and the others recognize it as a foreign smell, hesitate a bit but yet have no fear of it. I have yet to have an extremely negative reaction so far except late season when there is just less natural scents in the air. I believe its use with leaves on the trees is amazing but it loses its effectiveness with snow on the ground. Similar to what you see with normal scent control measures throughout the course of the year. 

I have been covered in deer so far this year and it has been 100% effective. Both bucks I killed last year walked to me after passing through downwind. My bow buck was 10 yards directly down wind and my muzzleloader buck was 60. They were both killed shortly after passing through.


Any other believers???



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Yes, I run ozone on my clothes and in the tree. Without a doubt it works, the number of deer you see that come from a down wind area after I started running ozone is truly hard to believe. Put their nose in the air to check you, flicker their tail and they simply just keep walking. Like you i always play the wind no matter what, but if I forget my ozone heading to the tree, I'm turning around and going home!

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My flight back from Kansas was delayed causing me to miss my connection in Chicago. I am stuck with hope of flying standby getting in at 11:30 pm ……. So the week of all day sits will uniquely qualify me to deal with a day that started at 3:30 am. The sad thing is it didn’t have to happen. I made it to the gate one minute late but the flight left early. Apparently the airline thought we would be too late and bumped me off the manifest while in the air. Rant over. Needless to say I have some time on my hands lol 😂

Kansas recap:  This was my second trip out to SE Kansas near the town of Frontenac. The weather had been super warm which was limiting rutting activity. The full moon did not help with daytime sightings. Day one morning sit had me in a pinch spot to take advantage of a windy cold rain over night. The hope would be the bucks would feel the urge to touch up rubs and scrapes after the weather passed. The plan worked as intended as I was visited by five bucks (mostly scrubs) and one that would have scored in the high 120’s. In the land of giants, the group has a 140” minimum. I ended up filling my doe tag. From there the weather went crazy warm, close to 80 degrees a few days. Did I mention the wind blows in Kansas?  Even with less than ideal temps, I probably saw five bucks per day. As the week wore on deer number on evening sits went from 60 deer out feeding to zero. It was clear rutting activity was happening during the cooler nights and the does went into hiding. You could walk or sit along any field and you would see tons of yearlings without momma present. It became evident I would have to work for my deer. One thing I learned was deer in Kansas are not used to ground hunters. The amount of close up video of deer encounters I laid down on my phone caused my cloud storage to fill up. The other wildlife kept me interested as well. Close up encounters with Raccoons, coyotes, Armadillos, Skunks, Fisher, turtles, and an almost decapitation of my rabbit fur hat with my head in it by a giant hawk. Very diverse woodpecker, rapture and waterfowl species. Add in a crap load of fox and grey squirrels and you always had something coming into your set. As weather was hot, I found I could find bucks tending does under oak trees in the morning. The pattern was night time in Alfalfa or Soybeans then retreat to sleep and eat acorns under the Oaks. Shooters seen was three. I had a great experience shooting at a shooter eight pointer after still hunting into an Oak stand and finding the buck tending three does. After a long time patiently waiting for a shot opportunity, I let one fly at 37 yards. The scenario was perfect. His head and neck was behind a tree with his entire vitals exposed. I had all the time in the world. After drawing and going through my mental check list, I failed to compensate for the cross wind. I got too cute with my aim point in the crease of the shoulder and I watched my arrow drift 4” to the right glancing off the tree and clanking harmlessly over his back. The deer ran 40 yards and stopped. I grunted and snort wheezed at the deer. The buck started walking back and became unglued jumping up and down snorting  a challenge to the intruder. The does started to continue away and the buck looked my way, then back at the does leaving…..and he chose the ladies. I had two more opportunities at shooters but each was around 40 yards in heavy wind so I passed. The last two days found temps going from 80 degrees to down into the twenties Friday and Saturday. The switch got flipped. Day time buck travel was all day long. Word of a mega giant twelve pointer showed up tending does out in the Ag fields. The guys that witnessed the deer were visually shaken. A couple of hunters had the buck in range but had no shots offered. Picture below. The pic does not do the deer justice in showing how long the main beams are. All told a great week in Kansas hunting and going on track jobs to see other hunters giant deer. To be hunting from the ground and be in the presence of so many deer was just incredible and makes me think how different the NY experience is despite farmland that is more fertile. I did make a mercy kill on a diseased doe that was walking on its knees for awhile. I believe blue tongue causes the hooves to become too painful to walk on. The hip bones were showing so probably was infected a couple of weeks. Picture of the doe’s knees shown below. The shoulder wound is from my broadhead as I tried and successfully placed a killing neck shot on the flailing deer at 7 yards. The trip ended with a magical night last night that had three different bucks bumping does past me on the way to the Alfalfa. A scrub buck and young doe walked by me at 1 yard. They never even looked at me. At dark I had twelve does and five bucks all surrounding me wait for full darkness to enter the field. I grabbed my grunt tube and started hammering on it while chasing them out of my path out to the field. The sound and fury of all those deer running away 100 yards and then all start snorting was hilarious. Oh well sweet Kansas, until we meet again!






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I had these three entertaining raccoons that walked up the hill, sat down in a circle with their fat bellies hanging out and started chirping at one another only to come to a decision to simultaneously take a nap five yards from me. They slept for three hours providing me with cover scent on my down wind side. Before leaving I tiptoed right over to them and shoved my camera in their face. 


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November 13
35 degrees
W wind 5-10 mph
Rain becoming snow

Got in the stand today about 930 or so and left at dark. Handful of bucks and a handful of does/fawns. Never saw another deer after 130. Had a hell of encounter with a 150" buck but never gave me a shot. Maybe I would have had an opportunity if it wasn't dead silent in the woods.


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