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  1. Looks exactly like mine with the teak wood grill boards in the center. I have a Sea Ray 22 ft cuddy
  2. Great way to spend time with the significant other!! and with a bucket full of bullheads, that makes for some fine eating, my freind, nice job Kevin and of course your wife!! Your freind PAP.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the spoons!! I still have a lot of the 2. 3/8 size stinger size from Michigan stinger, I'm hoping to replace most of my paint peeling off Michigans, with Nicks spoons, his paint is awesome and it doesn't peel off after 10 hits from a toothy critter
  4. If your down 50-60ft with anything less than 16# ball, I haven't tried the 12# torps yet but with the 10# pancake type weight at 2.3 or faster you will be more than 10-15ft above the fish. I proved it to myself by running towards land and my rigger weights didn't hit up till 38ft. That's 10-12 foot difference so I can't wait to see what the 12# torps do?
  5. Thanks Dan !!
  6. To the guys that run these weights what's the difference between these torpes and trout mans weights other than a pound! I noticed that this guys is a slight difference in the rear there seams to be a slight curvature at the tail end?? Interested but with I pic that ain't the greatest I'd like if one of you guys that have a set to post a pic please, thanks guys would really appreciate that, headed up to lake in 8 days so time is of the essence!! Taking my 12# torpes from trout man along for now, would have time to get these if they track better!!
  7. Yes prof. T it is Sackets
  8. You have a pm
  9. Yea, I don't what the hell I'm thinking yea you don't run the slider on the cable anyway, and yea the OL rubber band theory, that what I use on my braid so it doesn't slip. I guess I've been working on this dam boat instead of fishing out of it maybe that would jar my memory lose a little. Thanks guys I got to get on the water more this year, I've got all the goods just my memory is going south now.
  10. Well going through my walleye bag of goodies for making worm harnesses I found my spoons from Nick, these are 2 3/8 inches. They have only seen the sun twice. I have 3 of every color. Like I said these spoons never been wet, so let's see how these pics turn out!!j
  11. Will do pole setter, a lot of knowledge going into theses lures, between colors sizes and what not, time will tell.
  12. Yeah I hear ya I work on the boat till the yard dries off to mow yard, I had to do a major overhaul on my mower deck. The mandrel bearings were so shot the blades walked enough to hit each other, there isn't much room between the blades. So I rebuilt the mandrels each took 2 bearings so that's 8 bearings at $8.00 a piece is $64, but that's cheaper than 1 mandrel, and 2 1/2 days to remove repair and install them back on the deck, now she's quiet and you can hear the motor on the tractor runLOL
  13. Alright then Gill-T I have a enough of the light bite cannons for eyes I'll use them then. What about sliders? Sorry to be a pain in your bottom side, but you seem be the only guy that's willing to a guy out!! Thanks for your time and patience. Mike.
  14. Either way Gill but a slider used with out the coated cable I wouldn't think is good thing with the metal snap would damage the cable? and a stacked line what or how to go about that, is a pinch pad ok, this is all new to me, I never gave this a thought before. thanks for any help. I'm thinking there has to be a way. Then adding another rigger just for the coated cable, that sounds ridiculous?? Another question is the newer cable wheels at the end of the boom easier on the cable then say the original wheel. I think I can get them if need be. After I get this all set up I don't want anything to happen, because of stupidness on my part.
  15. YUCK!! Rolmops, it's not a shyt hole, I know where that is, I'm not sure what that is used for??