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  1. Man that's a big hammer!!! Congrats to the shooter, bet your about on cloud 9 POP!!! You must be very proud dad, and a very excellent shooter behind that rifle. This is what makes memories of a lifetime
  2. Very cool pic. I had to do a double take, jr life jacket looks like perch camo..LOL if it works keep at it. Perfect picture of our youth outdoors!! Congrats to Kevin and the crew!!
  3. Yea Double Dipping, both you have to have patience if your going there!!! It's been so warm the jet ski's and pleasure boaters are still at it, but yea the stripers are getting nice, the eyes average from 18-24" but it's a grind!! You can be out there for hours and nothing and then for a hour it's crazy fishing just like that it's over. I've come to find in the ball park, around 11pm-2am and just before the break of day those are the hours they want to play
  4. Hope to see ya up there this year, if the lake freezesLOL I'm sure OL'Man winters just around the corner???
  5. Yea well, I see your not to far behind, I'm going to be 53 and I'm disabled. Don't look for any handouts, just keep trying to better myself for my family, I've seen a lot for someone my age, my mom died, my father lived with my family, untill I litterly carried him to the hurst, my mother in law died due to cancer, I held my brothers hand on Tuesday at 12:01 September 2 when he past away from prostrate cancer, 3 years ago he was 62 years old and right now my wife and I are caring for my father in law untill it's over, if you think I don't know how to respect or understand what life means, to try and steer others in in the right direction, so they understand what it is to say "it smells like fall in the air" or what it's like to go outside after a summers rain fall and pick night crawlers, and my daughts say "it even smells like worms dad." These things don't cost a penny and you can use your phone with a light. So carry on concrete kid !!!! I'll just sit back and enjoy the scenery. LOL
  6. Your 100% correct Fox!! My daughters are going to turn 13 in February, they got their phones when they were 11 because they started playing softball and times were alway different as to when practice was over, soon they had their face in the phone and started to alienate themselves from general talk after school. I don't know if it's that we are older parents or what, but these kids know so much it's scary as to what they can do with that F'n phone. We saw the writing on the wall, there were so many social chat apps. We made them delete how many apps. they had. No more taking it to bed as they were up to all hrs. and not doing what we know they are capable of doing in school, if they get caught their phone goes away for a week. This year they played softball and then field hockey, now they went with their friends to a pumpkin patch to pick their pumpkin to carve out and put on the front porch. If you can afford a new phone and a plan, then there's lots to do out there other then sit on the phone all day. I've been there, saw it happen, and turned their focus towards the outdoors and they are better kids now!! They are away from all BS. and negativity, girls are worse then guys with their little pissing matches, they don't need to be subjected to this day in and day out!! Believe me when I tell you it can happen to anyone no matter how good of a job you think your doing as a parent.
  7. I used a 84-15hp Evenrude for years to troll with, I always ran 93 no corn juice, and I only ever used Amsoil 100-1 mix. I had a really old merc. 40-1 and the salesman of Amsoil told me to mix a 5 gallon batch up at 100-1 and run my old club of a motor from Preachers camp to the dam and back if it blew up he'd buy me a BRAND NEW Merc so I did, that's 14 miles, needless to say I still have the motor, even in my 88SPL I ran Amsoil 100-1 never had carbon problems and changed plugs ever couple of years. Plus I run Sea Foam every other tank of fuel. Here's something else, I have a 22' Sea Ray Cuddy, I needed to run way more rpm's to reach trolling speed I think is beyond carbon build up. 1/4-3/8 sometimes half throttle, maybe that's why I never had this problem. I won't know until next year how the 4stroke 15hp will be, but the Sea Foam will be still used.
  8. Take it!!! We discussed the situation via pm. It won't work for me.
  9. Thanks for the info!! I'll have a newer 2007 15hp Merc 4 stroke to bolt on come spring, I firmly believe in Sea Foam I run every other tank of fuel. But will keep the quickclean in mind
  10. I agree 100% with Aaron, these kids nowadays, have no interest in hunting or fishing. When I was a little pisser, we couldn't wait to go out side and play, cowboys & Indians. Had a big tractor tire filled with sand and dump trucks and bulldozers, made roads and towns. Got a little older I got my first BB gun, there wasn't 1 metal can in the garbage can that wasn't riddled full of holes, those older Daisy lever load were accurate, we then started shooting at the black walnuts that hung from the tree. At the ripe old age of 12 I took my hunters safety course, went right to the gun shop and my dad bought my first real deal licence. The fire houses were full of kids then. I took my daughters to the class I don't think there was 10 kids there. Also I trapped and the money I made I bought my first car, was my brothers college buddy. 1966 Mustang 289 4speed needed work so I remember to this day I payed $250.00 and drove it home. When I was trapping up at 4:30 peddled my bike down and back and made the bus at 7:00am. Hell these kids have no idea how much we had to do to make a buck. Now they sit the F'around on their phone and play video games. I saw this starting at my house and my wife and I put the breaks to that!! Now they are into sports at school and I take them to our gun club which I'm a member of and teach them the ways of safety first, with my old single shot. They love fishing, to me that's what matters!!.
  11. I'm very happy for you guys, since they had tournaments on LakeO certain places haven't been the same!! The fishing has gone to $hit and then some!! Theses guys drive around the lake with a wheel barrow full of fish for hrs, parade around holding the biggest fish up in the air, I gotta quit before I get myself in a twist this early. I'm so glad they voted it down, your lake would never be the same!!!!! I know there are laker-haters, but that's a opinion everyone is entitled to their own!!!.
  12. Yea buddy she does look sweet!! Gotta love that big hammer!! There's no substitute for cubic inches!!
  13. Thank you guys for the helpful info. The man just changed the oil which was still the break in oil, it's only seen water 3 times before he realized he needed a jet for the river. Only reason he sold it was his son wanted it out of the way for his 4 wheeler, I really stepped in $hit with this one!!! Finally I got a break on a purchase!! I will follow your advice guys, all the UTube vids show the bigger hammers, being a 4 stroke I didn't know if like the motor had to be drained. Thanks again guys!!!
  14. WOW that's a brute!! Thank you for putting the dogs on that guy, that would have been a sad story if you wouldn't have recovered that buck!! Congrats on your efforts put forth on finding your buck. I believe your arrow hit something at 20 yards you would of had to pull a foot or better to hit way back there?? You got it and that's what matters!!
  15. Man that is a tank!! Beautifully done!!, this coming week of in the mid 60's to maybe 70* temps sure has the mind in fishing gear!! As we see here!! LOL! Thanks for the pic. So jealous, but envy you folks that live by or near the Great Lakes. May I ask what the weapon of choice was?? Congrats to you Smoke-N-Finn.