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  1. Side scan

    Yea, I went to cabelas yesterday and the electronics guy was very informative, and I understand how it works, the only thing I was a little disappointed about on the Lowrance products is your downscan only works off the right side of your side scan. So another words your downscan is reading of of your right side of your transducer and that’s why they widened the cone to 35* instead of the others using 20 degree cones. Now if he’s BS then I’m only repeating what he said but with the units on display side by side it’s pretty obvious from the hook series to the HDS units. I really to a liking to the garmin and hummingbird units, as their downscan seem way superior to the Lowrance units as for clarity and being able to distinguish between bait fish weeds and actual sizable fish readings. Lots to think about, but definitely not aggravating myself with my elite hds unit.
  2. Vintage stick baits

    Don’t get rid of those lures, I had a old tackle box given to me and it had some big, huge spinners in there that were made in NY and some from a Canadian company it turned out they were musky lures and were worth Mucho Bucks, needless to say they are still in the same box, till I finish my man cave, and they will be part of my decor!! OOH and being that you have the boxes and they look in great shape they will be wort even more!!
  3. posting ups and downs.

    Geeze I sure hope it gets here soon, I have nowhere to stack more must have items in the garage. Soon the wife will start nosing around and then I have to make up stories, AAA I had those forever, or I traded so & so this for that. Yupper shoveled 6” off my tarps again, so tired of the white stuff
  4. Sea nymph help

    Looks great, those projects alway take longer than expected and always and I do mean always cost almost half of what you figured. So what I’m trying to say is, that it will cost 1& half more than you figured. The end product is always worn it in the long run. Looks great from my point of view!! PAP
  5. Side scan

    Thanks Justin, that’s exactly what I was getting at to the T, I know it would be a benifit in the spring when there in the shallows for sure, but I didn’t know it went to those depths, this would be a huge advantage even when going past sunken islands and drop off in the eastern basin, I was looking at a 9” screen what would you suggest the biggest you can afford, but realistically what would be the least size you would go with, I’m not a charter captain so I don’t need the best of the best but I think a 12” screen is the largest they make, but I was thinking to blue tooth it to a iPad?? Would that benefit me or Is what shows on the unit is what shows on the iPad?? Another words if I went with a 9” screen the iPad wouldn’t enlarge the pic either way in length or width?? Thanks for your input and answering my questions on the side imaging. PAP.
  6. Side scan

    I was wondering those of you that have side scan, how far to the side do they shoot, and second what depth of water do they cove?? Would they show a fish say 50’ over and 15’ down?? Would it show fish in the skinny water near shore?? Looking to get a new finder and they have with 2 functions depth/fish finder or depth sonar, and side scan. I can’t see anywhere where it says X amount of feet to fish and or X of feet below the surface?? Thanks for any help.
  7. Swim platform bracket

    The above post has the link to Adventure marine. I can’t figure out how to put in this thread, I’m not the most tech savvy that’s the best I can do. I’m sure someone else will post it. Or just look above here.
  8. Kicker Brackets

    This is the link I was looking for hope this helps you out!!
  9. Swim platform bracket

    Don’t you have a little like swim platform?? Maybe if you looke up Adventurre Marine. They make all kinds of kicker brackets and that’s where I bought the one I have. This was one of the hot talks a week or two.
  10. Swim platform bracket

    Your going to hook the motor off the side and not the back?? So the motor would set away from the boat. Like it would be along the side of your boat whether it be Port or starboard?? Or am I loosing it
  11. nice snag on the reels pap.. lol by the time I saw them they were gone.  lol

  12. You have a pm, I didn’t see they were LC.
  13. Berkley baits

    Yea that’s it, I’m to dumb to do what you did, but that’s exactly what I was referring to!! Pretty cool.
  14. Cedar Planer Boards

    mine start to work exceptionally well after a 1/2hr, and later after a hour or so you really have to be out in some snotty weather for these boards to flip over!!!
  15. I have a 15hp power head for that motor and a lower unit, both are in excellent condition, as this motor was only used 1 time a year for a Canadian trip, I bought another motor and was going to put this one back together but never got to it.