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  1. Is this motor a long shaft 20" if so very interested!!! PAP.
  2. Yes I have to say it was very cool idea to cut out the time consuming efforts it take to get the fish to the net. The strike, then then the net!! One thing for sure there's a lot of fish for the future fishermen!! Those Dinks are as important as the Hawgs. Very nice video PAP.
  3. I think Guffins pretty straight up with his answer, and that's how I started. One thing I would add is, I would add the go to favorite stick baits, Smithwicks, Rapala, bombers, in the natural colors, perch colors, silver/black a lot will say orange bottom. Oh and a few Bay Rats. If you could be more specific of the the area's you'll be fishing that would help also because not all works from the southern shores to the northeast shores. Best of luck this sight is very very good for buying lures, and the prices are the best, watch for the post numbers of the seller!! Those with high post numbers are well trusted!! Also the shows they have during the winter are good things to go to as they have all kinds of goodies they sell.
  4. Dr. W I have the same issues, why you look like a drunk'en sailor LOL. the only fix is to get the front of the boat down in the water, well your a veteran of the water, the a$$ end sit lower in the water than the front and the ribs that stabilize you boat at greater speeds aren't in the water. Every person and marinea told me the same thing, add weight to the front of the boat. So I did, it worked, I ended up with 300# up in the bunk and the boat drove as if it were on plane very happy!! Till I went to put it on the trailer, which I did give some thought to but never thought it would be as punishing as it was. If your a slip boater ok if not better have new no marking rollers on.
  5. Congrats on your banner days!! That Coho was a rather stout fish also
  6. O ok, so your in N.C. I have a cousin that has or should I say had a place out on Cape Hatteras. I caught all kinds of crazy looking fish, but "Jim" her husband they were always trying for a certain species. I have no clue what they were anyway nice fish and have a great time!!!!
  7. Thanks for the info, in what waters are you fishing??
  8. Not to sound stupid, but what is it, I assume they're good eat'n. Thanks for any insight. Yes enjoy your vacation!!!
  9. Get rid of the catch&release rule first, they will strike at anything while on the nest. You remove the hen or the male and those gobys have those eggs destroyed in seconds.,!! Plus the smallies have developed a taste for those slimy suckers, use a gobie presentation with soft plastics. Smallies have a very similar life style like the walleyes, rocky bottom usually close to a deeper drop offs that they can escape to, fish the shoals that are 30ft or so and work your bait down off the shoals. They are in there, just this years they are playing hard ball. My uncles are up there now, they are with a semi pro bass fisherman, so see what they have to say. Good luck and tight lines!!
  10. I agree with the above poster, if it says it's a 20" shaft then I'd have to agree with the plate. You don't need to shove the motor in up to its power head. My kicker has a fixed bracket to my swim platform, I have substituted my 20" shaft with a 15" and as long as the waves are 3ft. or less I can get away with it, but I will say with the 20" shaft same hp. the longer shaft just works better, the water and bubbles are much closer to the boat and requires more throttle to get the same results of the 20"shaft where the water boils up a lot further back than the shorter shaft.
  11. Oh,, yea!! You have a Ford pan on. To bad you have that style pan on, Or your dilemma would be a much easier fix. I'm a ford fan when it comes to pickup trucks, but yes that was one of fords better ideas. LOL. As far as I know the only fix'en is put a automotive pan on with a drain plug in it. Unless you can drop the pan and can get at it to clean it out good, then you would have some options??
  12. I put a fitting in my pan that has a 3/8 o.d. Hose fitting, in it I put a ball fitting in that accepts the same size hose on the other side which I then I have a hose that is coiled up that I put through the drain plug hole and the oil drains out of the bildge area to a container. One thing though I did this in the fall of the year, after the season, and being frustrated with all the other ways that failed my expectations. It's a SOB of a job, but it's a walk in the grass afterwards.
  13. I can personally agree with Les as I have my own 10# mold to make pancake weights, I messed with all kinds of tail designs, with minimal improvement!! I bought a set of TroutMans 12# torpedos and have never looked back!! Actually I sold the mold to a guy who was going to use the weight mold for lawn tractor pulling weightsLOL.
  14. Beautiful fish!! Now we're talking about a nice King. A good friend of mine earlier this week their boat landed a 38# King!! I haven't seen or heard of kings above the 30# plus fish like this one and Gene Bolten Sunken Treasures boat in many years!! Hopefully this is a good sign to come!! Congrats to your catch!! and thanks for the pics... !!!
  15. Thanks for the encouraging words guys if it pushes a fiberglass Trophy then it will definitely do the job. Les I know you told me before you don't use a steering rod, but could you explain to me again how you do it??. I just looked at where the unit is $hyt that's a 5 hrs ride. Right now my life doesn't give me that kind of time, until I find out more about a family medical situation!! If it hangs around that long all is good, but right now I can't do it. Mother of pearls anyway!!!