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  1. Well, I wouldn't go that far, for one reason only Cannan been around many years but and has units out there that would work flawlessly if they still made parts for their products. I feel Cannon's a lot like Lowrance, after a few years they forget about their loyal customers!! "F' you Buy New" I feel this is their motto. So one looking for affordable riggers might buy a set of mag 10's and if you smoke a motor good luck!! Finding another! In this case I feel cannon not the best out there, another big thing is the touch pads, they go bad, they are very expensive. This new fast rigger is rediculous fast ask the the guys that lost probes due to the abrupt stop that caused people to loose probes and weights. Yes they are a great product but it's not a one rigger only deal out there, I have yet to hear as much shyt about Scotty's but I'm not sure they've been around long enough to forget the early buyers that got them where they are today. I have a set of mag 20's that I'm still getting used to the soft start then fly up like a mofo then stop at the water with my 16# weight and probe swinging in the breeze.
  2. If it were me I'm a cannon guy, I started with the crankers and it didn't take long to get a set of mag 10's I paid $350.00 for the pair, I searched on eBay, Craigslist, on here, finally I found the ones I have today yet. There was a set of cannons for sale on here not to long ago. Scotty's are good also, it's a Chevy vs. Ford like mentioned above. Hang in there in due time something will come about soon.
  3. For what species? For salmon that would be fine, in flurocarbon, if that's what your referring to. Some might say that's to light but that's what I use, after that I feel if your using a spoon the heavier line steals some of the action of the spoon, even the flies seem like they're not as free flowing. Again this is my personal thoughts.
  4. Yea I guess, mabe, not everyone is as spontaneous as we are?? Never thought about it that way
  5. Very good pieces of info in there. What's so surprising to me is outside of the lake area there's no talk about what's really going on around the lake?? Like nothing is on the news, outside of the state. If you don't see what's going on there is no way to describe what the locals of the area are going through!! Why isn't the U.S government involved, if there's a tornado somewhere it's on the news? I would be will to bet if you took all the devastation from one end to the other including Canada there's more square miles of destroyed property and even lost, gone for ever property damage as a tornado that makes the news. I don't get it as to why there's not more acknowledgement of this situation. If people wanted to visit, say Alexandria Bay and drove from southern Pa. and couldn't do what they planned on doing, I know I'd be more than pizzed off because I didn't know the situation?? Who's behind the hush-hush about this sad situation??
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the NK's spoons!! I know a lot of the crew one NE part of Lake'O. Would be very disappointed if they couldn't get there NK spoons. Including me
  7. Totally Awesome man!! Great trip looks like it was a great time and a bunch of eyes to top off your day!! . PAP!! Was the guys in the pic the Capt or did you take another guys with ya??
  8. Nice assortment!! At fabulous price, I thought these were going to go fast at that price!!
  9. They were just starting during our trip on the 9th of June, our boards lines were getting a few and our leadcores were really bad, so I can imagine their getting into full swing with the surface temp climbing. When we started fishing the 9th of June the surface temp was 56* by Thursday it was pushing 68* we needed to move out to 50ft of water to find fish and the 30ft temp was 57*
  10. We took a ride over to MooseKnuckle's place hoping he'd be there but to no avail!! He has a beautiful place right on the water, even my 22ft cuddy goes in and out. I know this because my little nephew loves to catch boneheads and I was right up against his property!! Good luck with your sale!! I hope you stay in the area??
  11. Congrats Justin, nice fish!! pap
  12. TrophySeeker we fished Lake O'Sullivan for 20 plus years, haven't been back since our tear down at the border, on the American side we could of had a atomic bomb in the back. They asked how's the fishing? Could of been better, they just waved us through!! OK that was easy enough, since 911 and all this terrorist Bullshyt I'll stay in states!
  13. Yea, that's par for the case!! A little consistency just started, now Mother Natures going to stir the pot!!
  14. I realize this is a laker thread, but I saw a Linders Anglers show, they said any fish caught below 35ft won't survive is this the case? Excluding lakers as they are the few that have the ability to decompress.
  15. Not to over ride this post, but all the perch caught during our week fishing eyes on Lady'O were filled with gobies, back to the main subject.