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  1. Waneta lake tourney


    You gotta be shyting me right!! Whatever happened to loading all the pics in a few posts sheezzus mighty!!!
  2. ELOSTA fleamarket

    Yes, you get off on the Brewerton exit.
  3. Is it spring yet??

    What a clash of sights, looking out the window with snow blowing after a good 10”s of fresh snow while watching a great fishing video with guys in shorts!!?? I’m ready for spring already, lots of winter to go yet
  4. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    Either way it can be timed to far ahead. So back to the thunderbolt book to see if timing is to far advanced, or how to set proper timing at an idle before the module advances the timing at what ever rpm or call-need for more electric???
  5. Hardwater report !!

    I’m stuffed with supper!!! and those fillets look tasty good!! Nice post thanks for sharing!!!!
  6. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    The manual seloc says when I timed my motor to idle the motor to 600 rpm, as you turn the distributor towards the advance mode the motor will pick up r,pm and you need to continue to adjust the rpms back to 600 hundred until your at the desired timing mark, is says the centrifugal force spin the weights out and advances the timing as much as 25 degrees advanced. So if you timed the motor like a car your way advanced before the centrifugal weights come into play. If I wasn’t so full from supper and lazy I’d get my book and scan the page and post it, but what I said is damn close!!
  7. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    Thank you sir see if this post disappeares???
  8. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    That sounds to me like the timing is to far advanced a hard buck than spins but won’t start because either it was timed at above the recommended rpms to time motor or it could even be a tooth off. I don’t know why my posts keep disappearing but I’m pretty sure your electric is to far advanced!!!
  9. Boat to truck swap 454 (7.4)

    My buddy took a 454 out of a older boat and put it in a short bed pickup and wins every 4x4 pull he goes to, all you need is the exhaust for the truck and make sure the heads are drilled to accept your front accessories alternator smog pump if used that’s the most you might run into. A lot of the times it’s just a matter of flipping the heads around, but older model like mine has the pump on it already. The only difference between a marine and a road use motor is definitely the marine motors were built with more hp and lot more torque after the exhaust and the oil pan are removed it’s pretty much the same shape and size, but don’t go the opposite way you will not be happy.
  10. You also don’t want to be without a bunch of Johnson silver & gold minnow spoons and white Mr. Twister tails in 3” or longer they create a viscous reaction bite on those tough days. A lot of times my uncle could pull them to the edge of the weeds then they would hold up then I would throw a #4 meps spinner in front of the fish and game on. Been fishing northern most parts of Quebec for years. Would love to fish Saskatchewan before my times up. LOL.
  11. What year is the sled, how many miles are on it??
  12. WickedGood

    Oh yea they cant keep a good man down, I do the best i can, the heavy rains a fierce wind ripped the shyt out of my cover so i had to go to tractor supply and get a regular type cover. So stopped at a plumbing supply and get that black foam to put across the top of the windshield. Then I built a A frame for the top support, then just hooked bungee straps through the and around the trailer frame. Looks good lets hope it works as good as she looksLOL that little task took me a good part of my day!! Sent from my LG-M327 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. WickedGood

    Man that is a beautiful rig, I know all about needing a hand loading, 5 years ago I was power washing the back of the house off as we were going to have a Memorial Day party. I was at the top of the house “2 story” the first step on the ladder pulled a part and needless to say I fell 2 stories flat on my back onto the air conditioning unit. From my waist to my feet landed on the central air conditioning unit. I broke my back off in the opposite way we bend right above my waistline. They took me in the ambulance to the local hospital and they shipped me to another hospital. Long story short they got me walking again and all plated up inside and out they put plates and they have rods and screws and 3 new vertebrae put in me all took 3 operations and it’s still not right. No more operations for me I’ll live with it this way, because the last operation just made things worse. Their talking about stem cells shooting them in my spine to promote new bone growth so the bone grows around the steel to make a fusion. As of now I’m relying on the apparatus to hold me together!! Things certainly don’t go like they used to!!
  14. WickedGood

    Welcome aboard Walt!! Your the second person I know that runs a diesel on freshwater, don’t know the capabilities of that style boat in the saltwater? There’s no one that would know better than a Navy Veteran, my father “was” and still is a Veteran from the Korean War. Thanks for your service!!! May god bless all our disabled Vets. PAP
  15. Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    I have a bunch of different rain gear, nothing pizzes me off more than rain running down my backside and the best bang for your$$ IMO are the above mentioned Frog Toads they don’t sound like your wearing a plastic bag, where most all your upper end rain gear is silent anymore!!, if your a archery or any other hunter being silent in the rain is a must. Then you know what quality rain gear costs. Everyone has different thoughts of what’s is expensive is to them, and that’s why I chose the Frogg Toggs, which I wore for years, till gravity took over and my pants didn’t fit anymore that’s when I saw the Frogg Toads on sale and I’ve been wearing them for years now.