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  1. That's awesome NymphO, thats a slob for Oneida and very respectful eye anywhere!! Gongrats on the eye using a Hooked lure!! Great people to deal with and nice paint jobs for most any kind of Lures.. We are going to swim some gear in 2 weeks. We haven't opened up our Dexter camp yet. Life is 2 nutty for any get away time, thats all going to change!! Great job!!! PAP
  2. Hang in there I bought a pile of scorpion spoons, they should be in the mailbox any day now!!!Pap.
  3. Why can’t you get in contact with Hooked Lures and get one made?? That guy/gal can duplicate anything and today’s clear coats are 10 times harder than they were back then. Look up Hooked Lures. He has posts and is on Facebook. I’ve used his services and they are a excellent group of folks to deal with. PAP.
  4. pap

    Downrigger counters

    I had my brother sit on the swim platform after we deployed the rigger weight, he held onto the 100ft surveying tape and I dove down till my hand hit the weights, that’s where I quit pulling the tape. Swam back to the surface to see my brother holding the tape at 65’ Same as the rigger.
  5. The static electric comes from the plug wire not the plugs, if your spark plug wire is actually wire instead of the carbon type which I doubt a company would do this knowing the finicky electronics that are on board any more are very sensitive to such. The voltage spikes are when your unit is sending over 15.9 volts to the battery for some odd reason. The units have a protective mode in them and that is to shut down before unit is messed up from high voltage. Maybe the voltage is unregulated to a dangerous to electronics but not to a battery, which can handle 16 volts for a short time before becoming a (cooked) battery. Hope this helps.??
  6. pap

    Downrigger counters

    Hmmm I must speak a different languages. Carry on guys I'm out
  7. pap

    Pike in BRB/Henderson area

    If you go out to the last red & green bouy in BRB, work your way over towards the north shore head towards the Perch River gotta stay away from shore pretty good and stay away from the mud flat soon you'll see a Weeping Willow tree from the tree to the bridge you should hammer the snot out of them if it's still the way it used to be. No one ventures up there got to watch your depth in that area up to the tree then just stay in the channel. If not that adventurous, stay in muskellounge bay lots of pick handles other area has trophy size pike.
  8. pap

    Downrigger counters

    Just forget about what the rigger #'s say go by the probe if your running a hawk that goes by a pressure switch that's pretty much spot on. Do like the above post says Mark 100ft off pull cable to your100' mark, if your 20'off take a paint can mark 20' of cable. Reel in cable in to the painted mark set to 0 and with 20' of cable take that spray paint mark down to the 100' mark see what rigger reads now, keep marking till you read 100 on counter and at 100' mark. As you get closer to reading 100' on cable and counter, you might have to split the difference with the cable to read 100 on rigger. Hope this helps, and you can make sence of my way of thinking. LOL
  9. pap

    Downrigger counters

    Man your quick buddy!!! I was just ready to hit send when I saw a notification, read yours pretty much word for word so just hit delete!! LOL. Speaking from experience your 100% right.!!!!
  10. pap

    Boat Maintenance Advice

    The lower unit is the big $$ cost if you can’t do it yourself, I got it down to 30mins off just saying 45mins on sometimes they like to give you a little shyt, going on. The water pump I put a new one on, if they ran dry for a little time they heat the body up, then the stainless steel cup the impeller spins in isn’t directly centered and eats impellers, so I just put a new whole unit on. Like mentioned above most is labor same as the auto industry, if the “BooK” says it should take 2 hrs and the job only took 45mins, guess how much labor you’ll pay?? I’ll leave it at that!!!
  11. pap

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    I've used 30# Power Pro for years and to me that's the cats meow!!! One of the reasons I went with the power pro is Mark Romanack, it's the same dia as or close enough to the 10# mono so you can get close to the same results buy using the precision trolling info. I've found that I can use a number 10 spro swivel rated at 35# to connect my 25ft of Seagar florocarbon in 20# for eyes and a number 8 spro rated at 50# to connect 40# Seagar floro for kings in the fall. The 10 spro will fit through the eye of any pole and any line guide on reels, the #8 will fit all rods but not all reels I adjusted the line guides a little to allow the #8 to follow through with no problems. Some will argue it's hard on the line guides but the only line guide it really touches it the tip guide and most are metal or ceramic so there's little to be concerned about and reeling your fish to the boat verses handling 10-25ft of line by hand is ludicrous to me?? $120.00 for a 3000 yard spool that has completed my many, many reels, and one line can complete all my needs with minimal hazards. Untill they come out with something else that covers the broad spectrum of my fishing needs I'm sticking with the PP. one other thing is you can get more than sufficient amount of line on any reel, because it's 10# test diameter.
  12. Yea that’s exactly what I use