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  1. X2 Jason, see ya at the show!!
  2. I've watched some different shows giving one a birds eye view of what goes on under the water and what man is doing to try to eradicate what invasive species that has just about taken over the lake. Due to greed and unbeknown to folks till it was to late. The Great Lakes are kind of like credit cards, it's so easy for someone to forge your name on a card but it takes your own money and lots of time to rid yourself of the card, sound familiar?? Was so easy to let that ship into the lake, with zebra mussels and gobys, but our money and time to try to keep it at a minimum. Sometimes you just can't fix stupid. I feel if you can put a man on the moon in the late 60's then man had to have known about the Caspian Sea??
  3. I've found that asking first usually leads to a yes answer!! Especially with farmers, as they have the upmost respect for their property, as it's their lively hood. I know around home here I have no problems getting permission to crow hunt, especially fruit tree farmers and field corn farmers. Also a little recognition during the holiday's or a ring of bologna goes along way also. I made 20# of jerky and delivered it to the land owners, and some just say go a head you don't need to let us know every time. It's the little things in life that mean the most to people who are from the old school, and the kids that are brought up under the thumb of those type parents that still appreciate these type offerings. Best of luck to you guys!!! A little goes along way . PAP
  4. I don't understand when folks say they time it by ear or if you put a pointless unit in it, anything over 650 ,rpm the mechanical advance will come into play, and you'll be way to advanced after that, I never rely on dash tach. For my rpm ref. Advancing or retarding the time changes rpm. So you have to be constantly adjusting the idle to stay under the mechanical advance.
  5. Thanks for the info!! PAP.
  6. Will do there Nautitroller!! Does anyone know if a speaker or charter guys doing any seminars?? Or is this just a big azz market. I hope someone with have super slim spoons, there's some for sale on the site, but I thought there may be some at the show!! Damn good price yet!!
  7. Well this might not be the case here, but the large alge blooms on Erie are from this type of activity, fertilizer is fertilizer to me. If in makes green lawns it will make green water. I'm not a fan of fertilizer because I mow my lawn enough the way it is. LOL I would assume you know more than I with a title "TURF" !!!
  8. Interesting Les, I know there is a big brew ha about farming phosphorus, but they fired back stating they use X amount per acre, which shouldn't create an issue. They claim you should look closer at the folks that have property up to the lake, with beautiful green lawns. The farmers claim that lawn care folks whether a small business or a nationally know just say chem-lawn put down 90-100% more phosphorus fertilizer per acre than a farmer 10-15 miles from the lake. You know how those people are if there lawn is green with no dandelion flowers, the neighbors can't be out done!!, so this snowball effect continues before you know it you have major alge blooms as Erie does.
  9. Super guys, well that might be a tough one there Hillbilly, 90% of the guys at Brewerton were in camoLOL!! Is there going to be charter guys doing a seminar type thing or is this one just sales?? Either way I'll be there. Also is R&R going to be there? Thanks for any help PAP!!
  10. Absolutely, beautiful looking hounds, you guys are blessed with the turf you have to run yote dogs. My uncle and a buddy, he's a Vietnam Vet, have a place on the saw mill land over on the Oswegotchi River. I think all the time when I go with them, I see the woods the way they used to be when I was a kid 40+ years ago, the first thing I noticed was the huge beach trees, my pop used to cut them, the dead ones for firewood, Man they are heavy pieces of wood, but they burned hot!!! And the streams up there have trees laying out into the water kind of like Canada. No wonder they call it God's country!! keep up the great job on the yotes!! 1 less of those fawn eating basterds means a few more fawns and does will make for future hunting days in my book!!
  11. Well we're off to a good start, I went to Brewerton show, and I'm going to this one also!!
  12. WATKINS GLEN SHOW, Who's Going??? Was wondering who's all going!!, how can we make LOU members stand out so we don't all say excuse me as your passing a fellow member?? In the MAYHAM LOL. PAP
  13. Seneca

    She will lock up taday, 26* and supposed to drop during the day. The rest of the week 50's+ the rest of the week!!!
  14. Thanks for the "heads up" Les, rather learn from here, than with my wallet I'm in favor of most of the rules. Years ago up to the Black Rive dam is 18"s for eyes. Above the dam 15"s, so a lot of lake fish were being caught at 15"s and claimed they were above the dam for most of the day and above the dam Dinks
  15. Yes sir!!!