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  1. Thanks fishtails, My dad always said an education in life always comes with a price tag. Boy was he ever correct. . Before I tested my pink icicle after I tested the icicle
  2. I agree Jim, I have my beagle running around the kids, every year we winterize our oun trailers, and never had issues with the pink. The water in the campground is so chlorinated you can't even make a good pot of coffee in the morning. We bring water or buy at Wally World when we stock up on goodies. Meanwhile rebuilding my motor took a lot of my time up. I need to fix a cannon mag 20, make plates up to mount my rod tree I bought off reeldeal, this winter and like I said my one rigger is much slower than the other, so we will see once we get inside this bad girl. I hope it's pretty straight foreword.
  3. That's a pretty good price. I wonder if that would push my 22ft cuddy has 350 merc in it. I'm currently using a 15hp Evinrude 2 stroker. We troll around 2.3-2.5 in 2-3 footers, then fire up the big guy.
  4. You must be able to drain your motor better than I, I thought this was a sure fire way to rid the water i can't get to with out pulling the whole side apart on my starboard side, the power steering cooler hose that run to the lower unit pump and my water pump hose, I drained the water pump?? I'm going to put a fitting in the block and run a 3/8 hose and a valve in the end of my hose and blow the water out of my power steering cooler and pull my water pump hose, and just drain the block anymore. The reasons they don't recommend putting it in the block is for reasons such as mine. Then their not at fault!!!
  5. Awesome deal Wally, thanks for the post!! They have a weekly drawing on the LEU site and last Saturday I won that!!! Very nice gift it was a $25.00 gift certificate for ColdWater tackle. Going to get some of those new moonshine lures or the new stinger spoons!!
  6. Bob that's the rout I took, like you said air doesn't freeze, but I had rust get into my system and ruin a motor, the theory behind the antifreeze is it stop the rust build up. I know people are saying "I've been doing this for umpteen years and I don't know what I'm doing" well you could be right. Because I didn't remove the water from the power steering pump and the water in the water pump hose. I talked to a very knowledgeable man that works at Beltzville manor marinea, after this took place and he told me they don't use this theory anymore !!. Two reasons he said, it's a added expense to the customer and we had to replace a motor at our expense. The boat I bought came from NY, and it was stored at Lake Oneida and the original motor froze and broke. I'm leaning towards something I could put in 5 gallons of water that would coat the inside of the manifolds and block and go back to the old school. There are other RV antifreeze comp. that claim theirs goes to 70 below, but what's to gain other than more $$$ pissed away. This would only happen to me, but I think a lot of people think as I did that this antifreeze stays at a liquid form, that is not the case folks!!! It freezes solid, just it's not supposed to expand as water does. Who's to say these jugs are flying around on a assemble line, juice, cap, label a thousand jugs a hour suppose a weak batch was put in?? OHH THIS IS WHAT THE MANUFACTURER TOLD ME, this antifreeze is NOT TO BE USE IN THE ENGINE!!! I said then why does it say marine on the jug. It's supposed to be used in the toilets the drains of sinks and used in this manner NOT TO BE USED IN THE MOTOR. Therefore I was out of any compensation from the company. Basically I'm F'd find another towel to cry in. . Just another day in PAP'S world LOL.
  7. This winter I had a block crack on me, I drained the block, the exhaust manifolds and then I used 5 gallons of the RV antifreeze. Figuring that the five would push the water out that I missed. Put the tarp on and parked her under the garage port. Well this winter I needed a multi meter that I left in the boat. I uncovered a place to climb in and while I was in there I figured I'll take a look at my baby, after looking her over I noticed a stalactite hanging out the center of my block. At first I thought water must have run under the tarp or something, after looking as to where the water might of got in I came to a decision, one I didn't want to admit to. I broke the pink icicle off and tasted it, FFF'n A it tastes like antifreeze and I could see there was a crack in the block right in the middle 2-5 cylinder. So I pulled the motor pulled it a part, took the heads to be pressure checked, I saved the plates I made to pressure check exhaust manifolds, everything passed. I had another motor out of a CheckMate that I pulled and saved. It was supposed to be rebuilt buy our local marinia, and never saw water. Well god was on my side as she was brand new and bored .30 over like mine so I swapped heads mine are better and my crank and rods and the rings were spot on. Well I got her bolted back in and timed ready to roll. So I got one hell of an education on RV antifreeze, first RV pink gets slushy at 28* and freezes bone hard at 10* but what it doesn't do is push or expand like water, but the more you dilute it the more strength it has to expand. What I didn't drain on my boat motor was the power steering cooler and the hose to the water pump. I thought after running 5 gallons through the system it would have pushed it out. I don't run a thermostat so I didn't have the theory that the stat didn't open. So I called the company and he told me that the RV doesn't stay in a liquid form as we think of antifreeze at 28*F it gets slushy and at 10*F it gets bone hard, but what doesn't to is expand like water, the more it gets diluted the more the water properties take over. I did a bunch of testing using a pint mason jar with a rubber ring and a locking lid to hold the lid on tight. A pint jar with a half cup of water pushed the lid up and broke the jar. That's 2/3rds to 1. I put a 1/4 cup of water and the pink pushed out from under the lid but did not break the glass. I put a 1/8 of a cup and it made for stone hard and very crystal like. So it doesn't take much to render the RV antifreeze worthless. I still have my last jar in the freezer which is at 13* I'll post picks so you can see for yourself. The jars with the screwdriver is a Phillips that I had to hammer in. And you can see how bulged up the lid is and there's juice in the bagy
  8. it's to early if you don't winterize your own boat. I think it was 1993 we had a freak snow storm in March towards the end of the month, at that time the BRCG opened up the last week in March. It was beautiful for weeks, most people were out and about with there boats. One night we had a wicked snow storm. I think it was like close to a foot of snow. Everyone who had a Bimini tops was in sad shape, at the time I had a 1988 18ft center console the snow was half way up gunwales. The rods of the Bimini top people were bent, twisted, canopies were smashed flat over seats the floor you name it. I shoveled our boat out that was sitting very low in the water, we all shoveled the docks off, and the boats out. Others were in sad shape. That year the canopy making guys made a mint!! That was a crazy year for storms, the weather forecast people really didn't say it was going to give snow like it did, everyone was like, Ya, Ya, 2-3 inches we probably won't even get that!! The next morning when we couldn't even open the camper door, wtf. Holy shyt dad look at the F'n snow, that's when all hell broke loose. The canopies on the trailers were down over the doors of the campers, if not tore off. Luckily ours was rolled up yet, but the weight of the snow on the roof pinched the door shut. They are calling for below freezing temps at the end of the week at night. Be patient yet!!
  9. Way to go fella's great looking brown!! Now why doesn't that surprise me, the lure was one of NIcks spoons the rocked the brownies world!! Thanks for the post and for using Nicks spoons. Shy of amazing I don't know what else to call his work!! Congrats to Bowhuntken crew for posting that nice brown!!
  10. Well I'm out, looking for a long shaft, plus that's to far unless it was a great price, to justify 5-6hrs ride one way
  11. I'm with whaler on this one, I have hunted at night with a red lens. 100 yards off in the distance a set of eyes appear, now I've looked at people through a binoculars , never mounted to a rifle, I can't bring myself to even think that a person looks like a dog, wtf like you said can't fix stupid, it's the other party I feel for. Here's one for ya, 10 years just saying, I was standing ahead on a chase pretty soon I see like the sun reflecting off, well what looked like horns, and it's moving, now it's appearing that its facing towards the drivers, WTF is that, man if that's a buck he really has a heavy, heavy beam, I got my field glasses out and they just make things worse. I'll just wait till the drivers get around and hopefully I can knock this bad boy together. Soon I hear the drivers making the turn on the side of the smaller type mountain, now the horns lay flat on the ground. I thought watch this bastard lay low and the drivers will walk right past. There getting closer and closer, I'm tellin myself get ready to make a quick shot as this guys either going to bolt at any moment or there going to walk right by. Well that's what happened, now I'm pissed he got away but I never saw him run. Oh well that's hunting. Get to the truck my father in law says did you see that azzhole that jumped in front of our drive? Soon the others say the same and he had a dull gun metal grey barrel, ya, ya, one of the others say he ran in front of our standers. HOLY jumping Jesus's that's what I saw, like right above the laurels, yep that's where he was PAP, I told the guys, I saw this shinning like a main beam of a buck, thought it had to a brute as I could just make out the brown on his head and thee beam. Long story short someone jumped in the middle of our drive to get a shot at the deer before they got to the standers, that's what I saw, I was like man just stand up and it's all over for that big boy. Kind of got me a little weak in the knees once I found out it was a person!!! See other people are stupid, he could of got shot if a buck would have been in there, or if he kicked one up and it ran towards either the chasers or the standers. I could of really screwed up, but I was taught to identify my target before I ever push the safety off!! That really pizzed me off,
  12. Freak'n cool dude!! That was a big mud puppy, hell even the diver could of got mouth full of shiners!! This video tells you way more than there's smallies,walleye, and Northerns swimming those waters, pay more attention to the bait fish what do you see when the diver is below them also when he's eye to eye or with in the school might not be exact, but gives a good idea of what's going on.
  13. Thanks for the pics. dmd113.
  14. Damn that's a real bad problem to have