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    Fishing, hunting, spending time with my family, Always looking to improve my walleye catching skills, reading the posts on this great site, cooking meals for our family, raising chickens, making jerky in my smoke house
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  1. pap

    Shipping lanes

    Well said guffin, if you round Stoney with the island to your right, I guess it would be the south west side and your heading towards Galloo you will see a green can off your left side, there's a sunken island the water and shallow 6-12ft give or take and on the side of the green can is where it dropped right into the channel. It's like a 30-45 minutes depending on what your boat will do. I run at 28 mph for me it's 45 minutes plus. I figure an hour run, but like the above post says it's worth the run!!
  2. pap

    Theft - I Bay Help!

    It doesn't matter old/new they were yours, some crackhead needed them for a quick sale. This blows I think this makes 3-4 robberies, scum of the earth!! I have 000 toleration for thieves!! So sorry to hear this. There was a few boats that fell victim to theft a few years ago and it very well could be the above posters, old marina, a few pulled out of that place. I know it's a project but I break my boat down, I work to hard for my stuff to be taken and have to replace what We have would set most of us guys into a coronary shock. I hope they have video cameras, and or get this thief!!! Definitely keep an eye on craigslist and other places for ya. I have riggers you can use if you need riggers I have mag10's
  3. I figured you would be interested for sure. To bad so far I was thinking about it for the dead hole we know so well. Take care Bear!!
  4. pap

    A bit Angry

    Im 100% in agreeing with you!! 2 boats in 10 mile radius and "he" tangles with your lines. Totally inexcusable!! Done.
  5. pap

    A bit Angry

    Welcome to the beginning of the combat trolling season!!! We were out in the big water amongst many charters and there wasn't 1 issue, everyone was pulling spoons and flasher/flies as the day went on the fishing died and so did the crowd, I saw some charters return later in the day and those guys stayed way outside and I believe those guys were running their long lines. I didn't see one issue. There had to be at least 30+ boats so it can be done. All you need is one knuckle head, plus the guys all we're on the same page. From here on in to the final days is a whole different breed of fisher folks, just have to go with shorter lines and longer patients!! Me I move on to the lakeO gold.
  6. That's totally awesome camper4, my girls I had up when they were 5 also and had been avid angler in our streams just like your little man they caught nice smallies. It only gets better with age!! This year I had them on the big pond and they got a taste of what the lake has to offer. Now like your son every weekend they want head north. You will have memories for life, congrats on the nice smallies. Heck I haven't been able to get past the 5.99lbs with the smallies!!
  7. Nice Justin!! Glad you got a chance to get on the big pond and big. 👍 to Irish Knots for pulling off this trip for ya!! Congrats to your king.
  8. What's the max #'s they can lift.
  9. pap

    Blown Ignition Fuse

    I'd say a short in the switch? Sure all wires are on the correct terminals like maybe a light gauge wire didn't get put on the batteries assbackwards, if not that then I'd spend some time checking switch to make sure that's not shorted.
  10. pap

    2018 food plots

    Who ever planted the sugar beets are they the kind we eat?? I love to can beets in a pickle brine. They are delicious with a back strap and fried potatoes!! I have to run down to Amish country cause nobody around here grows red beets. I pay $18.00 a basket not the big peach baskets like the size basket you buy apples in. My daughters love that meal!!
  11. Shyt I'm not familiar with omc, I'm a alpha guy and have parts galore to repair. Does anyone have a opinion on the omc vs. the alpha lower units?? Thanks.
  12. AHAA I get now, I’ve saw a few that way. Learn something new everyday thanks for the info!!!