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  1. Why did you disconnect the brakes?? What did you use for a tow rig, what is expected to be used a tow rig!! 1/2 or 3/4 ton??
  2. Nice going bud!! Glad to see ya made it out on the big pond!! Always great to hear a good day from guys you know
  3. Absolutely I couldn’t agree more, congrats to your outing . Lots going on at home, I didn’t even take the cover off, I feel as if I’ll be ok on account of the cold water, shooting for June with post like yours are just what I need keep up the great job
  4. Awesome,Awesome, thanks for the video!! Got a new hawk and chomping at the bit to wet a line. !!!
  5. Congrats guys What a accomplishment!! Wish many more times with tight lines to ya!!
  6. pap

    Carb help

    The Rochester carbs are simple to rebuild and the merc carb is just a tad different just to screw with ya, I found this out on the 3.0L and the accelerator pump took a dump, the hardest part was getting the spring in the accelerator valve to be in the right position when the top of the carb is installed, sounds to me the low idle metering body is fould up, that’s what was the ailment with mine also, the corn juice just turned everything the $hit. After we rebuilt the whole carb she purrs like a kitten.
  7. pap

    R &R spoons

    I have some of the larger ones I use like little flashers, work really nice. The rockers in the smaller size are kick a$$ Lures I might add also!!
  8. pap

    What Size Reel for Leadcore

    No, thank you for that info!! PAP.
  9. pap

    R &R spoons

    Dave’s super lights are awesome for most any species that swim
  10. Do you fish the entire length of core in the water with the backing about 30-50ft to the release?
  11. pap

    What Size Reel for Leadcore

    What did you come up with and what type of core did you decide to go with?? Thanks for any info. PAP
  12. pap

    Power Trim Question

    When I was in business having a starter & alternator rebuild shop, we got a lot of calls from guys who had these issues, most of the time it wasn’t worth the time to replace parts, as the water just rusted everything to hell and we could get replacement units cheaper than the dealers hourly wage just to look at it. Give your local auto electric rebuilder a call you might be surprised!!
  13. I made a personal purchase which was nice and the price was nice also!! I just got lucky!!!
  14. pap

    Carb help

    What motor are the carbs off of?? What’s happening to say it’s carb troubles??