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Legacy -The 2023 Deer Season-


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Well I just got back from doing a few chores in the woods. 

-I pulled a stand from a spot that I have used 1 time in 3 years.

-i hung a new set in a spot nicknamed the Matrix

-i hung a camera in the Matrix

-I cut a access trail to a stand so I can approach downwind and without spooking deer


Its gonna be a long time waiting on the sidelines for a fresh tag... Bring on the gun season!!!!

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Stay tuned... that cold front is coming!

68 degrees this morning and low 40s expected by Sunday am. Im seeing temps just below freezing at daybreak Tuesday morning and snow flurries forecasted also.

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Just sent my paperwork back to the outfitter to solidify my trip to Texas in December. I have never hunted Texas or even been to Texas so it should be an adventure. Heading to https://www.adobelodge.com/ with a couple of other captains and hunting December 16-20. Certainly some solid deer there so hopefully Texas is kinder to me than Ohio is. https://www.adobelodge.com/trailcameraphotos.html


Best San Angelo

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We just came back from a week in Ohio on public land. The warm weather made daytime movement almost non existant. My daughter was able to score her first out of state and public land buck before the warm weather moved in. We had a few good ones on camera but couldn't see them in person. It was a great trip making memories. Good luck to everyone with a tag in their pocket and congratulations to those who have already tagged one.







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I made the drive today from Maryland back to Buffalo. I saw probably 50 dead deer along the road. Does and small bucks. I made good time and was able get two hours in this evening. I had three does under my stand for an hour until two small bucks chased them off. All indications are that it is on. 

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