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Legacy -The 2023 Deer Season-


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So just some camera observations... 

1. Does just refuse to move during the daylight. About 90 percent of does on camera are in darkness with the other 10 percent about midday.

2. bucks are cruising all day long but day light hours seem best (especially from sunrise to about 11ish)

3. some mid day big buck movement 10-3



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My wife got it done today on her first buck ever a scrappy 9pt!   She passed up a spike and a 3pt last weekend and it paid off for her.


Today at 7:40 this guy came by at 30yrds on his way to my mock scrape and she smacked him perfectly.  He went about 75yrds and died under a log.    


She literally did everything except I chose the spot to sit and gutted the deer for her.  She saw the buck first, decided when to shoot on her own, and even found the blood trail after I lost it!!   So proud of her!!!   20231114_113417.thumb.jpg.aae9e2312aa6dfd2684c879c7a26f133.jpg20231114_113239.thumb.jpg.8b728eca38b529b5389ad1006713d837.jpg

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Hiked in over a mile on State land found some buck beds and a huge scrape off the path so I put my Reveal camera on it figured nobody would see this spot hidden in the farthest point , camera sat last night and this morning and got one picture… thank you sir for not stealing my camera 


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Coach put me in...

I am actually excited for once for the start of gun season. i am so looking forward to being in the woods! Some terrible weather the past 3 days really has kept these deer from moving. The cold front tonight should really be good for opening day and the week that follows.  Good luck to everyone and be safe!

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