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Good Luck in the Derby / Back from Alaska

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Just got back in town from our Alaska fishing trip, and wanted to wish you all good luck in the Derby this weekend. Looks like the weather will be perfect for some big fish on Cayuga and Seneca. We had one great time in Alaska and caught more fish than we could count. We lucked out big time on the weather sun and sixty with flat seas the whole week. The great weather allowed us to run 80 miles to areas that don’t get fished that often. We ended the trip with over 350 lbs of fillets that we shipped home. Mostly Halibut, Ling Cod, Black Rock Fish, and Yellow Eye along with some other rock fish in the mix. Figured I would post some pics, and if any of you ever want to go we went with some great captains out of Homer


Fishing Grounds


First Days Catch


Sisters Yellow Eye


One of my Ling Cod


one of Dad and first mate (not as good looking as Jason :lol: )


Sister's monster Ling Cod


Dad with a big Ling


one of many Halibut


Lots of whales


second days boat one fast rig

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