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Son's first King and my biggest

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:18ft Red PolarKraft with a 90hp Yamaha and 9.8 kicker





Time on Water:630-1030am


Wind Speed/Direction:10-15mph S/SW

Waves: 2 to 3

Surface Temp:

Location: Out of Stoney Creek





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:Kings

Hot Lure: NBK E-chip with hammer fly

Trolling Speed: 2-4 to 2-8

Down Speed: Unknown

Boat Depth: 140-150 ft

Lure Depth: 90-110 on the riggers and 180-220 on the Dipseys on setting 3


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Got my son out for the first time for the kings out in the lake. He is heading off to college in 12 days and football and lacrosse finally gave him a break. At a little after 7am the rigger fired and after a nice fight he landed a nice 18lb king. About 30 minutes later the dipsey fires set out on 180 and went for a nice run. I got that one all the way to the boat and we lost him in the net. Something about netting a king for the first time and having a 9 foot leader on an 8 1/2 foot rod. Anyway, I am glad we lost that one and we both learned a lesson for the next one. It was probably about 12-14 lbs but bright and silver. We watched that one swim away after catching the fly hooks in the net. Oh, well. A little after 8am the rigger hits at 110 again and my son grabbed the rod and said "go ahead Dad, get it cause you lost the last one" About the time he handled me the rod and start driving the boat, the fish took off on a monster run... and it kept running. Peeled off a good 600-700 feet and I knew I only had another 100-150 on the spool. We slowed the boat down and went in a small circle to the right and fought the fish for a good 10 minutes. Tried to clear the starboard dipsey but ended up moving it over and kept the fish on the right side of the boat. Finally got it up to the boat and my son did an awesome job netting the fish. When he went to lift the fish in the boat the net handle bent right over but we grabbed the net and got the monster in. On the digital scale it was bouncing between 32.5 and 33.5 lbs so we stopped on the way home at Henchen's and weighed him. Came in at 33 lbs even and measured 44 inches long. What an awesome day...Now he is hooked!



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yes I know.... hopefully there will be more big ones next week! Where do I sign up for the LOC? Last year was my first year chasing the salmon and I want to get in the derby. Thanks

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Reel nice fish. A tip on bringing the heavy ones aboard. Once the fish is in the net turn the handle vertical (pointing up) when you raise the fish into the boat there is no stress to cause the handle to bend. If the net isn't deep enough to do this then bring the fish to the side of the boat and two of you grab the rim that runs thru the net and lift him in.

I'll be out Wed. looking for that ones twin brother, lol or sister, wouldn't matter to me.


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