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Sodus Point shake down on the Green Dolphin 2

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Finally got enough gear rigged up to do my shakedown run on the Green Dolphin 2. She is a Trojan 11 Meter Intl Express Beast!!!


First shakedown run was Thursday night and it was just a cruise with my wife at the Helm.




Then, Friday night we took her out for a few hours and landed my first fish. A 6 or 7 lb Lake trout. I tried and tried to grab this fish so I could get a good pic of my first fish on this boat and every time I grabbed it it squirmed out of my hands. After about 10 attempts to pick it up and not harm it, here is the result. I swear I was trying to be gentle and release this fish but it decided to bleed all over my new boat. 





As you can see, It did not turn out to well. It was a slow night but we managed a couple and had a few get away. It sure was a beautiful night though...



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Here is a rear view of the beast. Have not changed the name yet. No - that is NOT a midget standing on the deck !!!





And a view as she sits at the dock





Sitting in the slings




Some of my new electronics



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Awesome boat man! Love it. Your forcing me to look at trojans now along with pursuits and tiaras. Congrats! Is yours considered the mid-cabin? best, mark

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Man, I think I have seen that boat or at least the same name on another boat


i'm sure you have seen that boat. It has been a Gordon's in Mayfield for the past 23 years!!!

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