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Mark Troy Memorial Musky Tourney Sat. Oct 5 Waneta Lake

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The anual Mark Troy Memorial Musky Tournament will be held Saterday October 5th. It is put on by Jim Reynolds, Bob Saucke and Captain Ed Cragg in memory of Jims friend and fishing partner, Mark Treau, who passed away several years ago with cancer. I beleive this will be the 6th anual. Last year we had a great tournament and the anglers kept Ed and Jim very busy since they were in the only judge boat. This year there should be two judge boats as usual. Last year there were 41 anglers and close to half that number of fish entered. It was a very good day with continuous action throughout the day. The first and second place fish were caught in the final minutes of the tournament for an exciting finale. The cookout with awards presentation and raffle table was a great time with lots of stories, good conversation and comarederie.


This is a catch and release tournament. Judge boats are used to verify your catch. Tournament hours will be 7 am til 3:30 pm. Morning fog could delay the start. Registration will be at the boat launch between 6 and 7 am. The entry fee is $25 per angler and this is a cash tournament with prizes for first, second and third place. I do not have all the rules but I beleive they will be the same as last year and will be provided to partisipants before the start of the tournament. We will have the cottage at Swarthout point where we will have the cookout and awards presenation immediately following the tournament. Bring your own drinks. We still have some space available in the cottage for Friday and Saturday nights for anyone who is interested, for $25 per person per night per person. Respond here or call Jim in advance if you are interested. If you stay at the cottage, there is a boat launch on site and docks to use.


If you have any questions, you can call Jim at 585-670-0422 or post them here. If you are planning to attend, please let us know here or call Jim so we can get an idea of how many will be there.


I have fished this tourney every year since the first one and it has always been a great time even though I have yet to enter a fish.

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Had a great time (as always) fishing in the Mark Troy memorial tournament headed by Jim Renolds (Mr. Toothy) and Capt. Ed Cragg (Reel Rippin' Charters).  There was a good turnout for the event but the fishing proved to be pretty tough.  9 fish we boated total with the top three being 42", 41" and 36".  Congrats to buddy Mike for 2nd place finish after winning the event last year.  My boat was short one guy when buddy Joe came down with terrible flu/cold so we had to call in the super sub - my father!  It was great being out there with him and my brother and that time on the water with family is something that I really treasure.  Our team was able to boat 4 fish - 42", 33", 32" and 32" and lost a couple more. 



Dad caught this scrappy 32" on a Bob Fuller painted Jerkbait. 



Brother got this 33" fish on Leo Jerkbait



42" Fish on Lunge Lumber.  My favorite part of this picture if my father's tackle box in the background that you can see being held together by wire springs.  He has had this tackle box for at least 30 years now... haha ;)  I have musky lures bigger than that old box.


For those of you who haven't fished in the Mark Troy tournament, its a great time and relaxed atmosphere that I'd highly recommend.  The lake itself is still very murky with low visibility and will need another couple weeks to setup better IMHO.  Lately I've been getting more and more reports from friends down on Chautauqua who have been doing very well to say the least.  We will be heading down there next weekend for the Muskies Inc. tournament - should be fun!


On a different note, I was able to sneak out there earlier that same week and catch a new personal best for me.  I got this fish on the figure-8 boat side.... he followed the lunge around eight times before deciding to strike - it was the coolest thing ever to watch in person that close! 



She was pretty thick fish



51.5" new personal best for me



Another one I got that same day earlier in the morning fog...


Sorry I haven't been able to post as much as the new baby is taking up most time these days and limiting my time on the water.  Hope to get some fall fishing in though as baby Charlotte finally slept all the way through the night for the first time this week!!  Wooohoo!!  Hope to see everyone next weekend down on Chautauqua and I hope you feel better soon Joey!! 



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Chad, was that 51.5'" on Friday before the tournament?


Friday I got a blowup on a Top Raider at dusk bit it didn't hold on to it. The day of the tournament, I got nothing as usual. I have been in all seven of them and havn't entered a fish yet. Today I got a 36" and one about 33" on a Chinese Shad Rap imitation in perch. I caught them within 100 Ft of each other but about 2 hrs apart.

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Thanks to those involved in running the tournament, it was a fun venue to experience for my first time in a musky tourney. What made it even better was Chad and Todd becoming the teachers and I the student which I can't say I ever thought could happen but it did.  Those bait-cast reels take some getting use to but I was able to master untangling bird nests, casting and working a variety of baits that were big enough to be wall mounts, learned to use a net the size of a hot air balloon and how to throw a musky into the judges boat so it wouldn't fall back into the lake without being measured(nice catch Ed). The radio was quiet most of the day which explains why Chad forgot to turn it off when we closed it up for the night and Todd being the good little brother he's always been went back out to the boat the following day to turn it off after hunting all morning.  Falling off the boat while he tried to button the canvas back on couldn't have been that much fun or the 2 hr wet ride home, but thanks for saving the boat batteries from a slow death. Joe, hope you're feeling better, the boys had a hard time fishing through all the fog after the fog lifted.  Chad, if I need Charlotte to watch grandma while we go fishing I'll call you.  All in all a great time and fun outing. 

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