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from a couple other reports, it sounded like Mexico Bay launch is accessible and the river is open to the lake?  Does anyone know if just the river is open, but the Bay still has some ice or if the Bay has floating ice/debris?  ...anyone venture out of this launch yet?  Thanks.

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Went up to Mexico bay state launch yesterday. It was wide open. A bit rough but wide open. There was an unbelievable color break about 100 yards off shore. We'll be heading up on Saturday for A shakedown cruise.

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Thanks rich!

I know the walls are at the launches are usable but my fiberglass boat just does not play well with the walls/steel or concrete, bumpers or not!! Lol.

Some how some way there ends up being a scratch,nik or chip!!

Thanks tho I appreciate the info!!

I need bigger bumpers for this time of year!!! Lol

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