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It's been a month since fishing on my boat and when 3 buddies who have never fished Lake O before wanted to go we decided on yesterday. We launched the 'Ol Penny at 6 and motored NW out if port and set up in 150 on a north troll. First rig in the water was the port dipsy out 165 with a white double crush glow Spinny and atommik sweetpea fly. Next was probe rigger set cat 55' with a tuxedo super slim. Next was starboard dipsy with a glow gator Spinny and mirage fly and as soon as it went in the rod holder to creep out, the port dipsy fires and James is first up. While the battle was on I got the port rigger set at 65 with a carbon 14 and a board out for a 300 copper with a mag SSW. James did great and soon a 12lb king hit the deck! After some pics and getting things reset the probe rigger fires and Matt is up to bat... He also does well with his first Lake O fish which turns out to be a beauty of a 10lb steelhead. Things were slow out the 27 line when we turned and headed sw. The fleas are bad which calls for cleaning lines every half hr or so and we would change lures as well. At around the 25 line the port rigger at 72 fires with an NBK and Scott is on the rod. Its a decent low teens king that makes a move near the boat over one of the wires and snap! No more fish and no more NBK. That was the first of 4 dropped fish and a break off on the 300 copper with a screamer on. We started to wonder if Scott had a banana for breakfast! We stuck it out between the 24 and 26 lines and Scott finally managed to get a fish - a 7-8lb king on a mag gator off the 80 rigger. He was also able to land the Skippy king we dragged around for awhile and found when clearing lines at 12:30. All in all we had fun despite the dropsies, fleas, and raindrops. And lunch at the black north was awesome. They can't wait to go again which is testament to the great fishery we have in our backyard.


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