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45# or 60#


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32# and 45#..both work well for long copper. Depends on your reel capacity. I keep a 400 45# and a 600 32# on the same size reel for each copper, with the same amount of 30lb braid backing. The Diawa Seagate 60 is a nice reel for both on my boat. 60# won't be very long on any reel unless it's a tuna winch! Lol it's best for a shorter piece in the chute for quick depth angle, and can be cleared quickly in case it's getting in the way of fish on another line.

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I agree Brian and


If you ever get a wire diver into a copper board line with a spin dr on either, just start cutting.


That is exactly what I was hinting at Big :lol:

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32 lb. According to bloodrun there's no dive depth benefit going with 45 lb, so why not use 32 lb and be able to put more on your reel.


Not exactly.   32lb runs withing 5-6 feet (shallower) of 45lb all the way out to 600' of copper, as shown on our depth charts and Android app.   The weight of 300' of 32lb copper is just less than 1 lb.   300' of 45lb copper weighs 1lb.   So that separation in ounces between the two stretched out over 300' of line just makes the difference negligible for the most part from a weight perspective.   Diameter difference is 6 thousandths of an inch.   Usability there is a significant advantage to the 32lb over the 45lb, even being the 45lb is much more pliable than other copper wire designs.


Psychologically 45lb sounds 13lbs heavier than 32lb, so for some that is the difference maker :)

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