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2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!


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Not sure if this qualifies for the contest or not, but i thought i would post it either way.  My wife took this picture on McCarthy Rd in Addison, NY a few years ago while she was on a photo shoot with a high school senior.  Sow with 5 cubs.


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Hit a doe with my car yesterday morning on the way to work. UGH.. Hit this one with a rage last night with my Mathews! 19.5 inside 8 pt.. I have a ton of pics of him, and saw him at 90 yds on 10/2. Last night he was destroying a tree in the thick stuff behind me and came out to the field edge and started to walk away but turned towards a doe already out in the field and walked right in to 23 yds. At the shot he wheeled and ran and I heard him crash (Both lungs). I went and got my son Daniel (his first track job) and my Dad. He only went 70 yds. Not a big body, but its nice to get one you are targeting. My son and daughter (twin 6 year olds) were unbelievably excited!! Doesn't get much better. Good Luck to all! ( I also put this in Legacy's thread)


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Might not qualify since its from 2014 but I have to laugh every time I see it. My fiance came home while I was boiling this skull. She wasn't too happy with me....not sure why.

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Funny, was doing the same thing several years ago, when wife came home. She just started eating veni again after she smelled that, lol.

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