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So exactly why do those idiots running the cruisers think that fishermen should get out of their way??

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Fishing between Carlton Island and the mainland can be rewarding BUT what is with those morons running the big boats through the area?  They come down on a smaller boat (20 foot) like they want to push us out of the way and then come so close that if I threw a water bottle I would hit them.  Every one I saw then proceeded to run down the shipping channel so why not run the channel AROUND Carlton and avoid Featherbed Shoal?  Little known fact:  it is against USCG regulations to pass within 100 feet of a vessel that is at rest if your boat is making more than idle speed.

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Same issues here in the Narrows.

Simply put, no shortage of people who put their needs ahead of everyone else’s. I feel those values were taught to me by the generation that preceded me, and hope I have passed it along to those who will follow.

I’ll find it hard to resist the water bottle toss now that you’ve offered the suggestion, however,

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Always amazes me when they have the whole river and feel they have to run close by and throw a big wake. Not to thoughtful when I’m trolling by myself especially at night. I now always wear and inflatable vest.
Things sure have changed in the last 40 years!

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LOU colleagues—the problem of recreational boaters running down fishing boats has become a serious issue all over the country.  Several boating organizations have noted this crazy trend.


 I live on Lake Anna In central Virginia and I stopped counting the times a jets skier, wakeboard, or go faster boat has put me and my boating companions in jeopardy.  These people have more boat than brain.  I have started running with a head mounting camera running full time.  I have provide both the local sheriffs and Virginia DWR video reports of unsafe boating incidents.  The local sheriff water patrol is overburden trying to patrol the lake but is sympathetic to the issue and does cite violators.  Virginia DWR actually sends warning citations to the boat owner if they can accurately identify the registration numbers.  I have become very adept at using the camera and get HD video of the registration numbers.  In one instance the boat was brand new and was displaying any numbers so I later found his home dock and provided DWR with the video of the incident and later the dock where the boat was stored.  The boat was very unique in color and design…big wake boat.  Turns out both the Sheriff and DWR had multiple complaints about this particular boat and ultimately caught the guy in the act.  They seized the boat and charged him with a series of felonies.   He later pleaded out and was permanently suspended from operating any powered watercraft in Virginia.  

My recommendation is to have a designated camera watch person who can quickly use a smart phone or other video device to document such incidents rather that think about throwing a water bottle or any object that only compounds the situation.  Take the time to contact appropriate authorities and make a report.  If serious enough use the VHF radio.  

keep on keeping on!!!


Pair of Jacks

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Thank you for the good idea, I would not want to run short of water when I am out fishing.  I will use the video on my cell phone and send it to the coast guard.  Their station is only a few miles down river.  A New York State boaters license will have no effect on "tourists" who show up only in the summer so this might be the way to go.

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Agreed on the auto pilot. I put these behaviors in two categories 1) stupidity as to how to just be an a hole for getting to close to another boater or  2) stupidity as in driving drunk stupidity with not watching the bow when driving on auto pilot. 

1) will generate a mess of yelling screaming, bottles thrown etc. people just being stupid. 

2) can and will generate serious injury or death as been scene these last few years The offense should be a crime and has no room on the water. 



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