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Need help!! Please ID this LURE!!


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22 hours ago, Albizep12 said:

Appreciate the comments And help y’all. Think GAMBLER has got it! I just ordered one off eBay to see if there a match but

thanks again

eBay is my favorite website for finding hard to find things. anything i go to buy online i check on eBay before i buy. i  just received 2 items yesterday. the first was 3m E.A.R. ear plugs that i love but haven't seen for yrs. I PAID 26.75 with free shipping for 200 pair. then i got 4 packs of 225 gun cleaning patches for a grand total of 9.99 for 900 patches. i've bought everything from motorhomes to fish hooks. a used motor for my nieces car a used tranny for my truck and the list just goes on and on.. as a matter of fact i've bought 1251 items since i started a few yrs ago., so great choice.

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Are you sure they are both the same lure? The lips look different on each. The gold/black one looks like it might be a Renegade

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