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Niagara show canceled

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  Total BS if it was bc of the China Flu. Just flew out west and back., O'Hara was as packed as it gets , full capacity on planes . No issues in Bozeman as in face diapers and going to a packed venue for a concert . Fricking NY tyrants.

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Let's hope you did not pick up the virus and that you stay healthy. But if you do get sick it's not because of the fricking NY tyrants.

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Went there last year as well. No issues. I would blame Fauci and his involvement in the Wuhan lab if I contracted it . Anyway it sucks for the people running it , the local hotels , bars , restaurants, vendors and on and on. I received a random , if you want to call it that , today from NYS  , telling me to jab any of my kids over 5 year and dont forget the useless booster. Harassment 101 and my " kids " are all over 30 .

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1 hour ago, SamonSez said:

Can anyone point me to the official press release that states that the 2022 show is cancelled?


There hasnt been one yet as they try to reach out to all that are involved. No doubt it's cancelled, I talked to the the man in charge yesterday.

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Unfortunately with deposits, and the money at stake ... these guys have to weigh up the risks of a forced cancellation.

My whole family got omicron over a week ago. This variant seems to be weak, we got a cough and a bit of nasal/head congestion ... but it wasn't that bad, we almost carried on our normal routine ... it would be at worst like an old head cold.


I thought this variant was a blessing in disguise ... if it builds immunity, than this is the variant you'll want to get of the choices out there!


Anyhow, I think everyone is freaking out again ... and society needs to chill a little bit, especially over Omicron.

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I was a vendor again this year, and the guy running the show e-mailed me about it two days ago. It's canceled.


That being said I have a brand new and fully rigged (for Great Lakes fishing) Starcraft Fishmaster 196 that was going to be my back-drop in the booth to promote our electronics sale/install business at Krenzer Marine. If interested the boat is rigged with the following:


Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor w/iPilot

Humminbird 12" SOLIX with Lakemaster maps

Fish Hawk X4D

Cannon Optimum Downriggers and Dual Axis Rod Holders

Yamaha 9.9 Kicker w/ Controls

Minn Kota on-board battery chargers


I also put in an order for $200,000 in marine electronics that were going to be available for sale at the show. These electronics are below and can still be purchased through me. I can drop ship to you or you can bring your boat to Krenzer Marine for the install. If interested shoot me a message on here.


Humminbird Sonar/GPS units

Airmar transducers

Garmin ECHOMAP series

Garmin GPSMAP series

Cannon dual axis rod holders

Cannon Mag10/Optimum downriggers 

Minn Kota Power Drive/Terrova trolling motors

Garmin PS30 transducers (Panoptix)

Fish Hawk SnT units

Lakemaster chart cards for Lake Ontario and Lake Erie

Yamaha kicker engines

Scanstrut ROKK wireless phone chargers

Minn Kota battery chargers


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If anyone is looking for a show to go to, we have the first ever NYS Musky Expo at Chautauqua Inn and Suites April 9th and 10th this year.  Lots of salmon guys chase the Muskies come fall and your all invited.  


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