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Why I love living in 1000 Island area

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The last 5 days are a great representation of why I love living where I do. June 11th I fished the river and we caught 6 nice pike. June 12th I fished Stony light and we caught 7 browns trout and 4 cisco. June 13th I canned 7 pints of brown trout and smoked the cisco. June 14 I fished the SLR solo and caught 3 walleyes. June 15th I fished with Prof T and we caught our limit of smallmouth. We kept the smaller ones and realease a bunch of big ones. Not many places you can do this in less than an hours drive from home. What a great week!!!!







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Kevin has shared a lifetime’s experience with me personally, as well as with those who read his posts, and I’ve been fortunate to have him as a partner on many excursions. He has a deep understanding  of this ecosystem an is not only an outdoorsman, but an ethical conservationist to boot.


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